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Hearts West

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Last semester while I was working on my school assignments, I became fascinated with the subject of the American Frontier through the eyes of the women who lived it.  I read the Little House on the Prairie books years ago, but I greatly desired to read more stories.  I ended up searching on Amazon for books, and Hearts West: True Stories of Mail Order Brides on the Frontier is one of many that I ordered.

Hearts West is only 108 pages, so it is an easy and fast read, but I enjoyed it.  I wish it contained much more stories.  I came away from it with a different perspective of the Frontier mail order bride business, as well as respect for it.  The book contains real advertisements for brides and husbands that appeared in the newspapers in those days.  Many people reading them today would probably snicker and accuse those men and women of being desperate, but I have a lot of respect for them.  They were honest about being lonely, and didn’t pretend to be something they were not.  In the ads the people got right to the point about themselves and what they were looking for.  Many people today are also lonely and desperate, and the ways in which they try to find a partner can also be called into question. Continue reading →

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Tampa, Florida

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If you read my last post, then you know that I traveled to Tampa, Florida on June 30th.  It was a trip that me and my family had planned since January.  It is a good thing too, because we really needed to get away after such a stressful first half of the year.  We rented a condo from July 1st to July 10th.  It was a lovely ground floor condo that had a gorgeous view of the grounds of the condo community from the lanai.  The condo had central air and washer and dryer so we did not return home with dirty clothes.  Besides me, there was my Mom, sister and brother with his twin daughters. Continue reading →

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A School Update

Where do I begin?  Well, let’s say that I have had more than enough.  I was granted an extension to complete Assignments for both classes.  One was Literature Review and the other was Perspective in Interdisciplinary Studies.  I tried to complete assignments for both courses by the end of June so that I could leave for vacation on June 30th without having that still on my plate.  Who wants to go on vacation to Tampa, Florida having to do graduate school assignments.  Not ME!!!!  BUT that is exactly what ended up happening.  The Literature Review professor said that my review still needed work.  For Perspectives I had to write a degree rationale and list of electives, their descriptions and bibliographies.  Those two things needed work as well.  I spent most of the time in Tampa working on school assignments, and I was not happy about it. Continue reading →

Visiting The Cloisters

The Cloisters by Xenia 8

On Saturday, June 25th, I had the pleasure of taking an early Amtrak train down to NYC to visit the Cloisters in Fort Tryon Park.  I’ve wanted to visit the Cloisters for well over two decades.  I lived in NYC from the time I was two years old until I was thirty-two, but never went to see the Cloisters at any time while I was living there.  I first heard of the Cloisters when I was in college straight out of high school, and always intended to go see it, but never did.   I was so excited to finally see it, and what made it even nicer is that one of my long time blog followers met me there.  Ann Marie has been a faithful follower of my blog since a few months after I started it.  No matter what, Ann Marie always keeps in touch by either leaving a comment, sending me an email or texting me.  I feel so blessed to have such support from a person who never actually met me until that day at the Cloisters.  When we finally did meet, it felt as if I had known Ann Marie my entire life.  Conversation flowed so easily.  Thank you Ann Marie for your friendship and support of just about everything that I do.  Ann Marie normally works on the weekends, but took off to visit the Cloisters with me. Continue reading →

What Happened to Armitagemania Online?


Richard Armitagae as John Thornton. Daniela Denby-Ashe as Margaret Hale

It’s been a little over four years since I first saw actor Richard Armitage in the BBC production of North and South.  I had never heard of RA prior to watching that wonderful production.  Richard blew my mind in the role of John Thornton.  Immediately. I fell into the pit of Armitage obsession, and I had to find out everything that I possibly could about this very talented British actor. Continue reading →

Tiny Houses


Photo from country living dot com.

Tiny houses are in such demand these days that it is now referred to as a movement.  If I am not mistaken, the tiny house movement came out the current minimalist lifestyle movement.  I am excited about the minimalist lifestyle and embrace it.  For quite some time I have been getting rid of clutter in my house, and it is a very freeing activity.  Not only do I get more free flow of space, but there are less things to have to dust when it’s time to clean.  Like many things though, I think that humans tend to take things to the extreme.  I see the tiny house movement as taking minimalism to extreme.  As the tiny house movement continues to grow I see that builders are also taking advantage of tiny house seekers. Continue reading →