Kitchen Redo Update


Xenia’s kitchen

I am still in the process of redecorating the first floor of my house.  Right now I am focusing on my kitchen.  For years I was emotionally wrapped up in the shabby chic style.  I still love it, but I am finding that over time, I get tired of looking at all white in my own house.  It begins to feel cold and look colorless.  I have come to discover that I prefer a variation on shabby chic.  I like a more shabby chic meets bohemian style.  I do prefer to use white on my walls as a base, but from there some wood color like mahogany warms up the room for me and gives balance to white. Continue reading →

Reflections: Second Edition


Madame Blavatsky

For several months, I have been experiencing some very deep feelings about my chosen spiritual path.  I have mentioned here before that the path that I have chosen is not a traditional one.  It is more on the side of new age.   I really do not like to consider myself a part of the traditional new age movement either because, unfortunately, the movement has changed so much since the late 19th century and early 20th century.  There are lots of well-meaning people within it that are simply not giving out information that is helping to move humanity forward.  It also has its share of quacks just as within the traditional religious movement. Continue reading →

Happy Mothers Day 2014

Mommy, Ricky, Xenia passport 3

Brother Ricardo, my Mommy and me.

Today I honor my Mommy.  My mother is the most loving and most generous woman I have ever known.  I still have our passport and once in a blue moon I like to pull it out and look at it.  I scanned just the top portion since my Mom’s signature is just under our photo.  Since my brother and I were little, it was not required for us to have our own passport.  So all of us had the same passport, hence why we are all in the passport photo. Continue reading →


Silvina, Xenia and Daddy

Silvina, Xenia on her father’s lap.

This morning I was speaking with my father on the phone for a little while, and it led me to get a little bit nostalgic.  I went in search of family photos and started scanning them into my computer.  The first photo is me sitting on my father’s lap.  On the left is a family friend named Silvina.  My father will be 86 years old this year.  I remember sitting for this photo.  I did not want to look at the flash bulb because in those days they were blinding.  You would be seeing spots in front of your eyes for a few seconds afterward. Continue reading →

A Pier Mirror – My Saturday Bargain!

Pier MIRRORAbout a month ago, I walked into a local antique shop, and my eyes immediately noticed a huge mahogany vintage pier mirror leaning up against the wall.  It was GORGEOUS.  I asked the shopkeeper about it,  and she told me that it was recently taken out of a huge house that just happens to be on the next block up from mine.  I could not believe that anyone would rip out such a beautiful mirror.  The mirror was in 99.9 percent excellent condition.  The top part of the fancy crown in the center is broken, but that can be restored. Continue reading →