Spring Semester Is Over

book1-720x340As of 5:00pm this evening the spring school semester is officially over.  YAY!!!  This semester was harder than the last one.  I am so happy that it is over.  I did not realize how stressed out I was too until I submitted my last paper yesterday evening.  Now I just have to wait for my final grades to come in.  It is going to be a PLEASURE to wake up tomorrow morning and NOT have to get right to my studies, or write a paper.  This was my last full-time semester as an undergraduate.  In the fall I only need to take two classes.  From now until September, I also have to write my prior learning assessment essays so that I can get my degree program approve.  I will spend the summer writing my PLA’s. Continue reading →

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My School Grades Are In.


My school grades came in today. 

I was so stressed out the last four weeks of school because my math course was so challenging for me.  I don’t like math and have never been good at it.  You cannot get through college without taking math.  I took History of Mathematics thinking that I would not be doing any math at all, and just history of math.

Wrong! Continue reading →

Xenia, the Almost Graduate

Close up of a graduation cap and a certificate with a ribbonI didn’t realize that I had gotten so far along in my University studies.  After so many years of being out of school, I am returning to University as a senior.  This time next year I will have my Bachelor of Science degree.  I am stunned but, of course, very happy.  This also means that I will be starting my Masters program earlier than I expected.  YAY!

bachelor of arts

I realize how fortunate I am.  The completion of my 4 year degree is one year from now.  What about those people who never did pursue college for whatever reason and now have to start from scratch.  Four years is a long time to spend not being able to get a good job because you don’t have a 4 year degree.   I have friends in other parts of the country and this is happening to people all over the nation.   A dear friend of mine who has her BA said that down in NYC she knows people who have been in management for many years.  They only had to pass a test to get into management.  These people were laid off and have not been able to get jobs because they are not college graduates.  Their unemployment benefits ran out and some of them are now working at McDonald’s.  They don’t get enough in food stamps each month, so they have to go to the food bank.  Another friend said that before she got her degree she never received any phone calls after sending out her resume.  So she decided to return to school in 2002.  After she earned her 4 year degree she said that her phone was ringing off the hook and her email inbox would get so full with employers wanting to interview her.  She said that it is unbelievable what that “expensive piece of paper” (her words) did for her career.

I am all registered for the term that begins in September, however, I am starting my course work now.  I know what books I need to get online for each class.  There is no reason why I should not begin studying and writing NOW.  By the time classes begin in September I will have the courses done.  I am registered for 4 classes.  They are History of Mathematics, Learning Styles, Educational Planning, and the fourth one is Renaissance and Reformation.  I am so excited!

Xenia Goes Back to School

Back to schoolI am so glad that I decided to return to University to complete my degree.  I am excited!  I am thrilled!  I even enjoyed the process of applying to University.  I had to write an essay and attach it to my application.  I enjoyed writing the essay so much because it made me reflect on my life past, present and future.  Not having a degree did not limit me in the least in having a great career, but when I think of all the extra things I can do with one there was no question that it is time fo me to return to school.

returning-studentsThe college experience this time around is so different from the first time I entered college straight out of high school.   I was able to complete my entire application online, including requesting my school transcript from the University I first attended.  Everything is done online now which I love and find more efficient.  At the same time the college admissions advisers have been great keeping in contact with me to make sure that all my questions are answered.

school booksAnother thing that is different this time around and that I appreciate so much is that I get to design my own course of study according to the direction that I want my life to go in.  I absolutely love this aspect of college now.  Guided by my academic adviser, I will be taking only courses that will be directly helpful to me in my chosen field of study.  Additionally, I am getting life credits for the real life on the job experience in my field.  Going to school and learning is great, but nothing beats on the job training and the experience you gain over time.  It is nice to know that some colleges now acknowledge your years of experience and contributions that you already offered up within the corporate world.


All of my courses will be taken online.  I love being in the classroom, but I decided to do online classes instead because I choose to attend college full-time, and when you have to work to pay the bills you cannot take time off to attend classes full-time.  Online classes can be tailored around your work schedule.  I know it will be grueling, but I prefer to attend college full-time so that it does not end up taking me a gazillion years to complete my degree.  If there were stipends available for full-time college students to cover living expenses I would go that route, but I don’t even know where to begin looking for those types of funding.  I am sure that “the system” makes it just about impossible to find school money like that, but I have heard of grown adults attending college full-time and receiving financial stipends & scholarships for living expenses.  You probably also have to be as smart as Albert Einstein to qualify even if I could find these types of grants and scholarships.  Right now I am searching for another full-time job.

Smiling Businesswomen at the OfficeI love reading and studying, so I believe that I will do very well in school.  College stretches your mind.  Well, at least it does so for me.   I am thrilled to once again become a college student and I will keep you post on my progress.