So, When Am I Going To See Richard Armitage In Into The Storm?

RA as Gary MorrisI bet you are shocked that I did not run to see Richard Armitage’s latest movie Into The Storm yesterday on opening day.  I originally had every intention on seeing it on opening night, but I adjusted my plans for reasons I will not get into, but it does not have anything to do with Richard or the movie.   I simply had to take care of some things in my life first.  So why did I not go to see it today?  I told you in my last post that I had to stay home to cover the gray in my hair.  Will I see it tomorrow?  I certainly hope so.  I was just thinking that I would love to see this movie with Ann Marie, but she lives in New Jersey and I live here. Continue reading →

Operation: Into The Storm

Into the Storm movie posterI hope that you will join us for Operation: Into The Storm.  For more details click on Something About Love (A).  I am looking forward to this long seeing this movie.  It premieres in the USA on August 8, 2014.  My birthday is the following day on August 9th, so I will most likely go to see it on that day.

Let’s get on out on opening weekend and send the box office receipts through the roof to support not only Richard Armitage, but everyone who worked on this film.