The View-Master

So……how many of you can remember the View-Master?  I can’t because it was before my time.

I remember being a little girl and quite fascinated by the view-master.  I could travel the world sitting on the sofa and not having to ask my parents for money for the trips.

I got to see Alice in Wonderland and prehistoric animals roaming the earth.

You could meet the Partridge Family and other Hollywood stars.

The view-master was pretty darned cool from what I heard.

Mystery Date Game Memories

This board game was very popular when I was a little girl.  I was so naive that at first I thought if you played the game you got a real boyfriend.  How silly was that?…LOL   Anyway, this is the first version of the mystery date game that I remember from the 1960’s.

I remember this commercial from the 1960’s about the mystery date game.  Click on the video to see it.

This is the mystery date game from 1972.

This is the 2006 mystery date board game.  I had no idea that this game was still being made.

Easy Bake Oven Memories

Oh my goodness, I can remember getting an easy bake oven for Christmas one year when I was a little girl.  I remember this box that it came in and this is what the easy bake oven looked like in the mid 1960’s.  I was so excited  about getting it for Christmas because I really wanted one.  The oven worked and it came with miniature recipe mixes.  I was disappointed in it though because none of the cake or cookies mixes came out good and I did follow the instructions.  It was not long before I totally lost interest in it and eventually it went in the garbage.

This is what the easy bake oven looks like today; a microwave oven.

Style Icon – Twiggy

Twiggy Lawson was born Leslie Hornby on September 19, 1949 in North London, England.  Twiggy took the modeling world by storm in the mid 1960’s.  She was named “The Face of 1966” in that year.

Twiggy had a very distinctive look that greatly influenced the modeling world.  From the neck down Twiggy had an androgynous figure.  She was very skinny, had small breasts and no curvy hips.  Instead Twiggy’s body was very boyish.  You can still see the influence that Twiggy had on the modeling world today.  You have to be super thin, have small hips and breasts.  Twiggy is considered the first supermodel the world has ever known because of the impact she had on it and her popularity

Another distinctive trait that Twiggy had are her large blue eyes, long lashes and boyish haircut.  Twiggy was strikingly pretty, but in a young boyish sort of way.

What I find really interesting is that Twiggy is really not that tall.  One source says she is 5’8″ tall and another source says she is only 5’6”.  Either way whether Twiggy is 5’6″ or 5’8″, Twiggy is not nearly as tall as models are today.

Twiggy modeled from 1965 to 1970.  After 1970 Twiggy worked as an actress and singer.

Twiggy as she looks now.

As of this post Twiggy is 63 years old.  As you can see she still has those gorgeous big blue eyes.

Mary Richards – Mary Tyler Moore

When I was a young girl I loved watching the Mary Tyler Moore Show every Saturday night.  I can’t think of another actress besides Mary Tyler Moore who could have played the role of Mary Richards better than she did.  One of the things I loved about the show was Mary Richard’s studio apartment on the third floor of a Queen Anne Victorian house in Minneapolis.  The floor to ceiling length Palladium windows was the focal point, but the apartment had other wonderful old world features.   Years later in the show Mary moved to a one bedroom apartment, but it was nowhere near as charming and warm as the studio apartment she started out in.

I was excited to come across a blog that has a page about the Queen Anne Victorian house that the MTM show used for exterior shots.  You will be able to see what the house looked like back then and what it looks like now.

The link