Stuck In Love

featuresI streamed “Stuck In Love” on Netflix.  It received so many great reviews on Netflix and on Amazon.  Honestly, I am astonished that this movie received so many great customer reviews.  It is one of the worst movies that I have ever seen.  I expected to love it because of all the stellar reviews.  Stuck In Love stars Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly, Lily Collins, Logan Lerman, Nat Wolff and Liana Liberato.  The movie had the potential to be really good, but failed miserably, in my humble opinion.  There are absolutely ZERO moral values displayed in Stuck In Love. Continue reading →

Bridget Jones: The Edge Of Reason

Renee_Zellweger_in_Bridget_Jones_The_Edge_of_Reason_Wallpaper_1_800Today I am in the mood for watching movies.  It really has been quite a while since I streamed any movies on Netflix.  The reviews for this movie are mostly not good, but I decided to watch it anyway.  I saw the first Bridget Jones Diary movie years ago when it first came out, and I remember loving it.  This sequel really is a mess.  It had the potential to be really good, but the script is awful, and Bridget Jones, in this sequel, mostly turns me off. Continue reading →

Malice Aforethought

Malice AforethoughtLast week on amazon I purchased a very good used copy of Malice Aforethought.  It came in the mail on Saturday and I watched it yesterday.

You know that the only reason I bought this is because Richard Armitage is in it.

Malice Aforethought is a British mystery and I enjoyed it, even though Richard does not have a huge part in it.  He is NOT in the majority of the scenes.

Never the less, he is looking very tall, dapper and just a tad bit silly to me at times.

I could not understand why Ivy Ridgeway lusted after Dr. Bickleigh and not her handsome William Chatford in the body of Richard Armitage.

Silly woman!

Anyway, it is a pretty good old school type British mystery that I found fun to watch.

Just about everyone in it is stuck up to some degree.  They also love to gossip and find great satisfaction is scandal and the downfall of other people.

Dr. Bickleigh did not seem to have a conscience at all.

I thought Julia Bickleigh was an idiot, but she certainly didn’t deserve what happened to her.

And what’s this silliness about not talking with your doctor about what you ate?

How totally absurd.

I loved the location shots.  I kept imagining myself living in the rural countryside in one of those gorgeous old English mansions with beautiful gardens.  I would have it filled with pink knock-out roses and giant hibiscus flowers.

I loved the period costumes.

The story takes place during a time when men dressed like gentlemen and women dressed like ladies, even though they were not necessarily ladies and gentlemen when all was said and done.

All of the actors did a really good job and for that I give them…