12Years A Slave: I Finally Watched It

Twelve Years a slave12 Years A Slave is now out on DVD.  I never went to see it while it was in the movie theaters because I was really afraid to see it.  People that I know who did see it said that it was really hard to watch and is very raw.  I was not sure that I was emotionally up to it, even though I really wanted to see it, and support Steve McQueen in his efforts to bring this story to film. Continue reading →


Braveheart_impI streamed Braveheart from Amazon on Sunday morning.  I was inspired to watch it after one of my classmates used it as the subject of her research paper.  The class is titled “Exploring Place”.  I am taking the Humanities aspect of Exploring Place, but there are students in my class who are taking either the Arts or Literature aspect of it.  The college integrated all three into one course, and I really like it.  Each students had to choose one place that would be the focus of our research papers throughout the course.  One student chose Scotland, even though she has never been there and lives in the USA.  She is focusing on the Arts, so for her first project she wrote about Scotland from the viewpoint of the movie Braveheart. Continue reading →