Top 12 Actors Xenia Finds Handsomest

This post was inspired by fellow blogger Hamlette’s Soliloquy.  You can see her top handsomest actors HERE.

Okay, let’s get started.  Here are my top twelve handsomest actors.

1. Richard Armitage


2. Richard Armitage


3. Richard Armitage


4. Richard Armitage

Thorin Oakenshield

5. Richard Armitage

ep5_0416. Richard Armitage

VOD Harry Kennedy

7. Richard Armitage


8. Richard Armitage


9. Richard Armitage


10. Richard Armitage

Lucas North
11. Richard Armitage


12. Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman


Well, there you have it.  Who are your top twelve most handsome actors?

My Pick of Handsome Men

Handsome men mosaicI was inspired to write this post after reading a blog post over at Me + Richard Armitage titled OT: Cumberbatch shirt disaster.  You can read it HERE.    I was reading some of the comments and a few people talked about Benedict Cumberbatch having a female following of his own.  I never would have thought Benedict Cumberbatch had a swarm of female fans who think of him the way women think about Richard Armitage.  I do not see Benedict Cumberbatch in that way at all; not in the least.  That is not to say that there is anything wrong with Benedict Cumberbatch.  I do not like to speak in negative terms about how people naturally look because it is very mean-spirited.  There may be instances where a person will not look their best because of the clothes they are wearing, or the hairstyle may not be complimentary, or maybe it is the lighting that may make a person look washed out and scary looking.  I have made remarks about things like that.  But to make remarks about a person’s natural-born physical attributes is a whole other story.  Besides, I think that everyone can find someone out there who thinks they are the most beautiful or the most handsome person.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


This is certainly not the most flattering photo of Benedict Cumberbatch..


This is a better photo of Benedict Cumberbatch.  Notice the lighter hair color.

This is a better photo of Benedict Cumberbatch. Notice the lighter hair color.



This is an even better photograph of Benedict Cumberbatch. Notice the lighter hair color.

No matter how I slice it though, I don’t see Benedict Cumberbatch the way I see Richard Armitage.   After reading the post over at Me + Richard Armitage I started to think about the men who do inspire me and what if anything those men have in common.  I came up with the men in the mosaic photo on top.  They are Ross Arne Naess, Hugh Jackman, Denzel Washington, Idris Elba, Richard Armitage, Blair Underwood, Tyler Perry and Lamman Rucker.  All except one are over 40.

Ross Naess

Ross Naess

There are very few photos of Ross Naess online.  Most of the photos that I could find has him standing with his famous family.  Ross Naess is the eldest son of singer Diana Ross.  Of course his father is the late shipping tycoon Arne Naess.  Tracee Ellis Ross is his sister.  There is something about this young man who stands out from the rest.  There is a “presence” about him that is very endearing.

Ross Naess,

Ross Naess standing with his mother Diana Ross, sister Tracee, brother Evan and seated is his sister Chudney.


Diana Ross and Arness Naess wedding in 1986.  Ross Arnaess was born the follwoing year.

Diana Ross and Arness Naess wedding in 1986. Ross Arne Naess was born the following year.


Diana Ross and Arne Naess 2

Diana Ross and Arne Naess were married for 14 years.


Ross on  the right with his brother Evan.

Ross on the right with his brother Evan.  Evan is handsome too.

To me Ross Naess looks very much like his father.  He also got some of his mother’s coloring and coily hair.  What a great combination.  Ross has such an interesting look.

Evan Olaf Naess and Ross Naess.

Evan Olaf Naess and Ross Naess.

Evan, Diana Ross and Ross Naess.

Evan, Diana Ross and Ross Naess.

There is just something about Ross Naess……

Ross Arne Naess


Hugh Jackman

Hugh Jackman

If you have been keeping up with my blog you already know about my new-found admiration for Hugh Jackman.  It isn’t only that he is handsome.  I am so attracted to the fact that Hugh loves and values his wife and children and was mature enough at age 26 to fall love with a 39-year-old and marry her.

Jack the Man!

Jack the Man!


Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington

Denzel Washington to me is classy and classic.  Denzel is also a family man who has been married to his wife Pauletta since 1983.  To me Denzel is aging like fine wine as well.

DenzelWashingtonI first saw Denzel Washington in a play called Checkmate in New York City.  Denzel was not very well-known at the time.   I remember the play not being all that great, but Denzel did a wonderful job in his role.  Denzel is not tall at all, but handsome all the same.



Idris Elba

Idris Elba

I first saw actor Idris Elba in 2007 in one of Tyler Perry’s movies.  Idris was born and raised in London, England.  His father is from Sierra Leone and his mother is from Ghana.  Idris is 6’3″ tall.  He seems to be a nice guy and he is definitely a very good actor.




Richard Armitage

Richard Armitage

Of course this list would not be complete without Richard Armitage.  Nothing more needs to be said.  You already know how I feel about him. (smile)



Blair Underwood

Blair Underwood

I first saw Blair Underwood many years ago on the soap opera One Life to Live.  This was back when you hardly ever saw African-Americans on soap operas.  Blair played a seedy character named Bobby Blue.  I was so excited to see a black actor on the show, but I was not too excited that he was playing a thug.  I thought it was so stereotypical at the time.  Never the less I thought Blair was so good-looking and still do.  Blair Underwood is now 48 years old and he is certainly aging well.   I had a crush on Blair for quite some time.



Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry may be a surprising choice to some, but I love me some Tyler Perry.  To me Tyler is unconventionally handsome.  Like the other men, Tyler also seems to be a genuinely nice person.  I had an enormous crush on Tyler for years until Richard Armitage came along and knocked Tyler off that pedestal and replaced him.   At 6’5″ tall Tyler is taller than Richard,  Tyler also has a really deep and distinctive voice that I love listening to.  I admire the fact that Tyler was able to transcend his very troubled childhood and accomplish many amazing things.  This man is quite an inspiration.

Tyler as Madea

Tyler as Madea

In case you have been living on a another planet, Tyler Perry rose to fame when he made up the Madea character and played her himself.  Madea is short for mother dear or ma dear.  Madea is funny and I really enjoyed the character for a long time.  I think it is time for Tyler to retire the Madea character though.  For me Madea is played out now.  I love that Tyler has been mostly portraying other characters in his recent movies.

tyler-perry-birthday1Tyler is a writer, actor, producer and director.  He also built his own film studios in Atlanta, Georgia.

Tyler was recently on the cover of Essence Magazined with his freidn Oprah Winfrey.

Tyler was recently on the cover of Essence Magazine with his friend Oprah Winfrey.


Lammam Rucker

Lammam Rucker

I don’t know a whole lot about Lamman Rucker.  I first saw him in 2010 in a Tyler Perry movie called Why Did I Get Married.  At first sight I said to myself he is a hunk.  I think that Lamman has unforgettable good looks.  At 6’3″ tall Lamman is also right in step with the other tall men that I admire.


I would love to hear about the men who inspire you and why.  For me it is a combination of many things, not just their good looks, but also their personalities and values.  Also for me there is a “presence” about them that stands out among the rest.


movie_45561I certainly have been watching a lot of movies lately.  The latest is Scoop starring Jack the Man and Scarlett Johansson.  Scoop was so much fun to watch.  Jack the Man is so super sexy in this movie and Scarlett Johansson is too cute.  Woody Allen provided me with a lot of laughs.  No matter what you may think of Woody in his personal life he is good for laughs in a movie.

Scoop was directed by Woody Allen and released on July 28, 2006.  The budget for Scoop was very low.  It costs $4 million to make and grossed $39,215,642 world-wide.

ScoopDVD_0003 2Scarlett Johansson plays Sondra Pransky, a journalist student.  Scarlett is simply adorable as Sondra.  I loved the spectacles on her.  The character was not glamorous at all, but Sondra is still very pretty.  Sondra Pransky is a fun person, but she is also promiscuous.  She will sleep with anyone to try to get a good story.  That aspect of her personality was disappointing to me.  Otherwise I loved the character.

scoop07050602Sondra finds out from the ghost of Joe Strombel (played by Ian McShane) who the real tarot card killer is.  The tarot card killer has been knocking off prostitutes all over London.

scarlett-johansson-e-woody-allen-in-una-scena-di-scoop-29807Woody Allen plays magician Sid Waterman.  Sid’s stage name is Splendini.  Sid reluctantly helps Sondra find out who Peter Lyman is and try to get evidence that he is the tarot card killer.

41275e-image-de-Scoop-1651After some missteps Sid and Sondra learn that Peter Lyman is a very handsome British aristocrat (played by Hugh Jackman)  Sondra gives Peter Lyman a fictitious name and that Sid is her father in order to cover up that she is a journalist investigating him.

hugh-jackman-scarlett-johansson-e-woody-allen-in-una-scena-di-scoop-29811Peter Lyman is immediately smitten with Sondra and invites her and Sid to attend a party at his house.

29-11Sid is so funny as he tries to mingle with at the party with wealthy aristocrats. MCDSCOO EC041Peter goes off with Sondra and thinks she is so charming.  Peter also wants Sondra to spend the night with him……..

scoop….and she does.  I was floored.  Sondra not only agrees to get naked with Peter, but she goes off alone with him believing he is a murderer.  How ridiculous can one get?  Btw, Peter is not the first man who Sondra has slept with to get a story.

fhd006SCP_Scarlett_Johansson_017Peter Lymon has a great time in bed with Sondra and is falling deeply in lust with her.

fhd006SCP_Scarlett_Johansson_019Even though Peter and Sondra are sleeping together there are no scenes where they are doing to “Do”.  You only see them in scenes after the deed has been done.


fhd006SCP_Scarlett_Johansson_015While Peter and Sondra are having great sex she continues to look for clues about the tarot card serial killer.  The only problem is Sondra has fallen for Peter.

fhd006SCP_Scarlett_Johansson_027Sid cares about Sondra and is not happy that she has fallen for a murderer.  Sondra begins to doubt that Peter is the tarot card killer, but Sid knows better.

scoop07050608The ghost of Joe Strombel makes one last appearance to Sid giving him a clue and final warning.

scarlett-johansson-e-hugh-jackman-in-una-scena-di-scoop-29808I have to admit that Peter had me fooled too at this point.  Jack the Man is just so smooth as Peter Lyman.  I believed every word Peter said during this scene.


hugh jackman ScoopThe way Peter is looking at Sondra sends chills up and down my spine.  Actually, all the way through the movie I love how Peter devours kisses Sondra with his eyes.

scarlett-Hugh-Jackman--ScoopI am not going to tell you what happens from here on in.  You will have to watch the movie.  The very ending of Scoop surprised me. I was not expecting that .

19-28RScoop is a cute and fun movie that I would watch again.  Scarlett Johansson is perfect in the role and so is Hugh Jackman.  I loved the simple and understated clothes that were chosen for Scarlett.  Hugh Jackman’s wardrobe was great as well.  His casual but well fitted wardrobe added to his sex appeal.

Scoop-scarlett-johansson-23538500-576-304I did not realize it is Romola Garai who plays Sondra’s friend Vivien.  Romola does a lot of period drama for the BBC.


X-Men 2 – United

529-X-men-2-2003-_2I ordered the X-Men 2 DVD on Amazon because It is not available at this time for streaming.  I was very surprised to see it arrive the mail the very next day.  Amazon Prime is awesome.

X-Men 2 United was another blockbuster.  The movie costs $110 million to make and grossed $407,711,504 at the box office world-wide.  X-Men 2 was released on May 2, 2003.

I don’t have much to say about X-Men 2 because I am not getting a solid grasp on it as a clueless person of Marvel comics.  If you read the comic books when you were growing up then you are worlds ahead of everyone else and will not walk away wondering what the heck, who are these characters really and when will the director FINALLY let you in on what everyone else already knows.  You will love X-Men 2 if you are a Marvel comic book fan and read the books.  The only comic books I read when I was growing up are the Archie Comics.  I liked reading about Archie, Betty, Veronica and Jughead.


xmen 2 2


X-Men 2 introduces the character Nightcrawler in the opening scenes.  Nightcrawler attacks the president in the oval office during a meeting.  The opening scenes were really done very well if you like that sort of thing.  Nightcrawler was too satanish looking for my comfort, but I have to give kudos to how effective it was.  It was really weird listening to Nightcrawler recite passages from the Bible later on throughout the movie.

filmes-195-fotos-3443William Stryker is another character that was introduced in X-Men 2.  Well, I at least I don’t remember him for the first movie.

xmen 2 syewart and MckellenProfessor Xavier visits Magneto to find out if he had anything to do with the attack on the president but he is also walking into a trap and Magneto escapes.


xmen2 cyclopsThe evil William Stryker and his cohorts descend on the mutants.   Magneto and Xavier have to work together against Stryker and I guess that is the reason this movie is titled X-Men United.


Wolverine meets his match.

xmen2 storm and jean grey


X-Men-2-BluRay-hugh-jackman-as-wolverine-27505400-1280-543I won’t say anymore about the storyline, just watch the movie for yourself if you haven’t already.  As usual Patrick Stewart, Jack the Man and Anna Pacquin did very well in their roles.  Jackman gets better as Wolverine and I love that he has such a big heart.   I just want to hug him and help him remember who he is.  (Heck I’d like to know too).

3636-1  X-Men 2 gets high marks for visual effects and a talented cast.  Well, most of them did a great job and others were okay.

Hugh Jackman on 60 Minutes

Hugh Jackman on 60 minutesWow, the only negative I have to say about this DVD is that the interview with Hugh Jackman was not long enough.  The interview aired on CBS on December 9, 2012.  You can tell from Jackman’s hair and beard that he was getting ready to film another movie as Wolverine.  The interview took place in Australia and that is where Wolverine was being filmed.

The DVD costs too much money for such a short interview.  I paid $17.95 in Amazon,  I think that it should not be more than $9.95.  I am glad that I purchased it though.  I loved hearing Hugh talk about growing up and his family.  Also, the only time that he decided not to listen to his wife is when she told him not to do Wolverine.

60 minutes hugh jackmanJackman gets very emotional when talking about his father and what he taught him.  It’s about family and nothing else is more important than that.

hugh jackman 60 minutesHugh Jackman also talks about the time he starred on stage as the late entertainer Peter Allen who was gay.

the Jackmans

Deborra-Lee must be very short. She is wearing such thick wedge heels and is still considerable shorter than Hugh.

Deborra-Lee is briefly interviewed and she is obviously very much in love with her husband and I don’t blame her one bit.  Deborra-Lee has a winner.   The Jackman’s are a beautiful couple and I have so much respect for them both.  Hugh and Deborra-Lee are devoted to each other and work never comes before their family life.  If Hugh is working a project that will take him away from their home in New York for more than two weeks, he moves his entire family with him to the location.   Deborra-Lee and their children recently spent six months in Australia where Hugh was filming.   The Jackman’s do not like being away from each other and I kind of envy that because I have not yet met the man who I want to be with that much.  I have been in love before, but simply have not met the man who I can see myself joined at the hip with forsaking all others for all eternity.  I will never give up on that dream though.

Deborra-Lee is in her late 50’s and you can see it around her eyes and mouth, but she still looks great.  I noticed that at 44 Hugh already has similar lines around his eyes.  His beard also has grey in it so he is not looking much younger than his wife.  Don’t get me wrong though, Hugh never-the-less is looking darned good and is still a hunk.

Scott Pelley of 60 Minutes news program did a wonderful job interviewing Hugh Jackman and his wife.  I just wish it was longer.

Someone Like You

Someone-Like-You___-2001I love romantic comedy’s.   I streamed Some Like You from Amazon.  Someone Like you was directed by Tony Goldwyn and released on January 1, 2001.  It costs $23 million to make and grossed $38,389,940 worldwide.  This movie stars Ashley Judd, Greg Kinnear, Jack the Man, Marisa Tomei, and Ellen Barkin.

Someone Like You is a cute romance comedy that is filled with fluff, but so what?  Every movie that I watch does not have to be on the level of Citizen Kane.  For me this movie was fun to watch and I got quite a few laughs out of it.

4478_1Ashley Judd is such a good actress.  I really think that she has it in her to become known as one of the few great actresses out there if she chooses her roles wisely.  Ashley plays Jane Goodale who works fo a talk show as a booking agent.  Ashley is just as cute as ever as Jane.  Greg Kinnear plays Ray Brown, Jane’s boyfriend.

400fullSomeone Like You could have been a really great romantic comedy.  The idea of the storyline is a good one, but it failed to execute well, IMHO.  Jane and Ray met at work and they are immediately attracted to each others good looks.  That is all well and good, but I didn’t see either of them getting beyond that physical attraction.  Jane and Ray start sleeping together right away.  Six weeks later Rays tells Jane he loves her and Jane says the same to him.  What is this love based on I wondered?   Ray also had not broken up with his other girlfriend.  I never saw a solid relationship between these two people.  It seemed to be purely physical attraction and nothing beyond that.


1Jack the Man is one huge hunk of handsome male flesh in this movie.  Jack the hunk plays Eddie Alden.  I immediately saw chemistry brewing between Eddie and Jane.  It is not hard to figure out what the ending of this movie will be, but it is still nice to watch it all unfold anyway.

i007075Eddie Alden is the producer of the talk show.  Jane does not take him seriously though because he is a womanizer big time.  Eddie lives by himself in a huge two bedroom loft apartment and is looking for someone to rent the second bedroom.  Eddie asks Jane if she would like to rent it.  This is when I first got an inkling that Eddie really liked Jane, but the film does not adequately develop this notion at all.  From the beginning to the end of the movie there really is no progression.  Eddie doesn’t stop inviting women to his loft just for sex.

Eddie also had a girlfriend at one time that he was in love with, but you never know what happened.  All you see is one scene where Eddie runs into his old girlfriend and he is emotionally affected.  You  realize then that Eddie sleeps around to cover up emotional damage.

001SLY_Ashley_Judd_056Things don’t work out between Ray and Jane and she loses her apartment.  Now she has to take Eddie up on his offer to rent the second bedroom.  At this point is when I expected things to really develop between Jane and Eddie, but the film fails in doing that.


Someone-Like-You-insideThere is some fun between them but Eddie doesn’t change his womanizing ways or even tone it down.


someonelikeyou02Jane comes up with the totally ridiculous theory that men cannot be faithful based on what she calls the cow syndrome.  Jane writes about her “study” as a hobby, but Jane’s best friend Liz convinces her to write about it as a columnist for the men’s magazine she works for.   Jane agree to do it using the pen name Dr. Marie Charles.  The column is a big hit worldwide and everyone wants to meet this Dr. Charles person.  Liz is played by Marisa Tomei.

Jane admits on TV that she is the mysterious Dr. Marie Charkes.  Eddie is hurt that she never told him and walks off the set.  Jane goes looking him him and spots him getting into a cab.

hairashley-juddJane tells Eddie that she has found a new love.  Eddie makes his move towards Jane and he kisses her.  The movie ends on that note and the delightful song Someone Like You by Van Morrison.

As I said before, there was no solid development to how Jane and Eddie got the this end point of the movie.  Eddie does comfort Jane one night while she breaks down about being hurt by Ray.  Eddie sits with her and comforts her.  He even sleeps in her bed holding her while she cries.  When they awake Eddie is thrilled that he slept with her and things did not end in meaningless sex.    That is so sweet, but then the film drops the ball again.

001SLY_Ashley_Judd_118 Regardless of the weak script, I still enjoyed Someone Like You.  It is a cute movie and worth watching just to ogle Hugh Jackman.  I really loved him in this movie, except fo the kiss at the end.  I was disappointed in it.  I thought it was lame.  Jackman should have laid one on Ashley that  would steam up your screen.  If I was directly this movie Jack the Man would have had to do it over until he got it right.

All of the actors did a great job.  I did not talk about Ellen Barkin but she was great as talk show host Diane Roberts.