Harry Kennedy, A 21st Century Man After My Own Heart

I signed up to do three blog post for Richard Armitage FanstRAvaganza week.   This is my second blog post for this fabulous celebration.  If you missed my first FanstRAvaganza post you can read it HERE.

For this post, I want to focus on the character of Harry Jasper Kennedy that Richard portrayed in The Vicar of Dibley.  Harry is my second favorite RA character after John Thornton.  The reasons that Harry holds such a top place in my heart is because Harry is also a type of man who I would LOVE to end up with as my life partner (husband).

I love John Thornton, but he was a little bit too engrossed in his cotton mill for my liking.  Of course I want a man with a great work ethic, but Thornton was way over the top.  I see a lot of Thornton in Harry, but without the umbilical cords tied to work.  The show never went much into Harry’s life before he moved to Dibley, so there isn’t a back story, however I did get the impression that like John Harry mostly keeps to himself.  Like John, Harry loves books and reading.  Harry is an accountant and John also kept his own books at the mill.  In the book North & South John falls for Margaret at first sight.  In The Vicar of Dibley Harry fell for Geraldine the second he laid eyes on her.  Both Harry and John have character and integrity.

Harry Kennedy is a lot more relaxed and does not take life so darned seriously.  Harry often takes long walks to just be in the moment and to appreciate the surroundings.

I love this scene in The Vicar of Dibley when Harry meets up with Geraldine after taking a walk.  Harry is so cool, calm and collected.

After making some small talk with Geraldine he asks her to join him for dinner that evening.  I really love Harry’s pleasant disposition.

At dinner that evening Harry is very attentive to Geraldine.  Doesn’t Harry look delicious too?


Harry had such a great time with Geraldine that night and you can see it on his face after he takes her home.  Harry is clearly smitten.


Harry also has a wonderful sense of humor.  He is determined to collect that kiss and what happens next had me laughing out loud.

Here is Harry returning from one of his long walks in which he has decided to marry Geraldine; only she does not know it yet.  Imagine a handsome man like Harry going on long walks to think of nothing but YOU.

I got such a warm feeling inside after Harry proposed and he became officially engaged to Geraldine.   I see a balance in Harry’s personality.  He could be serious at times, but he also knows how to relax a great deal and also when to throw in the fun and games.  I am assuming that Harry was not married before.  I guess his age to be late thirties, early forties, yet when he meets the woman who rocks his world, Harry does not hesitate to make a commitment.  Often men at that age who have never been married are not so easy to give up that status.  The longer you remain single and never married the more set in your ways you become and it is more of a challenge to start sharing your space later in life.  Harry was ready and even seemed eager to get married.  I found this aspect of Harry very refreshing.

Harry never doubted that he and Geraldine were doing the right thing and it was Harry who had to reassure Geraldine instead of the other way around….sigh!  I am in love with Harry Kennedy all over again.


Harry Jasper Kennedy….a 21st century man after my heart.


All photos courtesy of RichardArmitageNet.

The Curtains Behind Richard Armitage

First let me start off by saying that I know what you are all thinking.  You are saying to yourselves that this post is not really about curtains and that I am using that as an excuse to do another post on Richard Armitage.    Well, that is not true.   This post really is about curtains.  Every time I look at photos of this scene from The Vicar of Dibley, I always admire the curtains behind Richard Armitage.   I love the colors and the big flowery design.   If Richard Armitage happens to be the person standing in front of them, what do you want me to do?  It is not my FAULT! 

To me the curtains bring a sort of bohemian cheeriness to the room.  They also look like something that Cath Kidson would design.  If you are familiar with Cath Kidson’s designs then you will know what I meanIf anyone knows who actually did designed these curtains for the Vicar’s house I would love to know.  It looks like it could also be designed by Waverly.

I love the wallpaper too.  I would not pick one with a red background, but I love the pattern and, to me, it brings out the curtains.  Most people would probably see the wallpaper and the curtains as clashing, but I think the opposite.  I think it takes a really creative person to come up with this design combination for a room.  I really do find it quite interesting and lovely.

Are you still thinking that this post is really about Richard Armitage?  Shame on you…

Only Richard can look incredibly sexy while reaching into his pocket.  Er…I mean I love the curtains so much that I may look for some like it to hang in my house for the spring.

Don’t you just LOVE those curtains too?

This is a nice closeup of Richard Armitage the curtains.  The sheer white curtains adds a nice touch that tones down the big flowery design.

The curtains are really short though.   I would want a pair that are floor length and YES, I really do love the curtains.  I would love to do something similar in one of the rooms in my home, only the wallpaper would have a pink background instead of red.

I hope you enjoyed this post about Richard Armitage curtains.

All photos courtesy of Richard Armitage Net.

Richard Armitage Collages

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood

Richard Armitage portraying sexy Lucas North in Spooks (MI5).

Richard Armitage as John Porter in Strike Back.

Richard Armitage as Harry Jasper Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley.

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit.

I had a blast making these collages.  Does that come as any surprise to anyone?  🙂

Richard Armitage as Harry Jasper Kennedy

Yes, this is another post about Richard Armitage.  Please don’t hate me.  This is a somewhat free country so I am entitled to have a crush on anyone I want and Richard Armitage is my crush of choice.  Give me some credit for not posting about him daily.  It has been some time since my last post on this gorgeous hunk of a man so I am entitled to this one…..hee hee haa haa

I challenge any one of you ladies to look at this man and tell me that he is not the bomb.  All of the photos in this page is of Richard Armitage playing Harry Jasper Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley.  If you are an RA fan then you already know that.  Harry Kennedy is one of my favorite characters.  He is not only handsome and sexy, but he is also of fine character.

Look at those eyes adoring the vicar who, of course, you don’t see in the photo.

I love that the character loves to read since I am an avid reader.  Actually, it is a huge turn on for me when a man loves to read and he has lots of books in his apartment.  I always notice the huge fireplace beyond Harry.  I can easily conjure up images of me and Harry sitting on the couch in front of a roaring fire reading our books together.  Every now and then we would stop for some sweet kisses.  I do have vivid imagination faculties.

Harry sure is tall and handsome.  I wish that he would move next door to me.

One of my favorite scenes is when Harry asks the vicar to have dinner with him.


I would LOVE a good night kiss from Harry.  The vicar is so lucky.

A bookworm who also has a playful spirit is a real winner.


The vicar is so cute here trying to sneak up on Harry while he is talking on his cell phone.

Harry proposes to the vicar in this scene and I loved it.  Harry tells the vicar that he loved her from the moment he set eyes on her.  What woman wouldn’t melt in her man’s arms after hearing a line like that; especially knowing that he means it.

Another look of love from Harry to the vicar.  Oh Harry…please look at Xenia.

The vicar looked beautiful on her wedding day.  I was so happy for her.   Okay, I admit it; I pretended it was me standing next to Harry on our wedding day.

Harry Kennedy…what a sweetheart!

Xenia’s Dream Husband

My dream husband composite

I have been watching so many movies about love over the past few months that I was moved to really take a look at what my dream husband looks like.  Not that I have never thought of it before because I most certainly have.  I always wanted to get married and share my heart and soul with another.   I imagined hundreds of times throughout my life walking up the aisle in my dream wedding dress to meet my Prince at the altar.  Together we speak our vows to Love, Honor and Cherish each other all the days of our lives.   If you missed my recent post about the men I had crushes on in the past you can read it Here.

As I became more familiar with the works of Jane Austen, Elizabeth Gaskell and Catherine Cookson I decided to delve more deeply into what it is I have always been looking for in a man.  There are certain love stories that I am deeply drawn to over and over.  If you have been following my blog then you already know that I love Elizabeth Gaskell’s North & South and  Jane Austen’s Persuasion.  What is it about the hero in these books that I find so appealing?  What is it about these stories as a whole that draws me to them over and over?  What is it about the last two episodes of The Vicar of Dibley that makes it so special to me that I can watch it again and again?

The heroes that I keep coming back to read about in books or watch are John Thornton, Harry Kennedy, and Captain Frederick Wentworth.

Mill owner John Thornton is a stern taskmaster, but he does care about the welfare of the people who work for him.  Mr. Thornton’s love for Margaret Hale caused him to become a bit softer in his demeanor.  In the end Mr. Thornton revealed a very romantic and loving aspect of his personality.  Throughout the story there is no mistaking his sense of honor.
Harry Kennedy is the handsome stranger in The Vicar of Dibley.  I see him as a modern-day Mr. Thornton.  Harry has the same honorable personality, but he is quite a bit more playful and easy-going.  Harry Kennedy also has a passion for books and reading.  I love that!  Give me a man who loves to read.  Harry also has a love for the outdoors.  He seems to appreciate the beauty of the earth that surrounds him and enjoys taking walks.  Another thing that I love about Harry is that he was an absolute gentleman throughout the entire time that he courted Geraldine.  Yes, I know it was a very short courtship, but still Harry did not put pressure on Geraldine to get her bedded down before they got married.  Most men have no idea how TIRED that is to many women.
Captain Frederick Wentworth with his beloved Anne in Persuasion.  During the Captain’s eight years at sea he never forgot Anne or stopped loving her.
There are several common threads that all of these heroes share.  Besides being good, decent human beings all of these men responded to the soul to soul connection that they felt towards the heroine.  It went far beyond sexual attraction although that is certainly there for them as well.  The soul to soul connection reaches beyond the third dimension into the fifth. Almost immediately you know within you that the other person is your beloved.
The love that all of these men had for their beloved also never faltered.  It remained constant.  Even when there was separation or the mistaken belief that their beloved pined for another, these men were steadfast instead of giving up and running to the next woman for physical release.  I believe with all my heart that if you remain constant that your beloved with come to you because you are sending out those signals from one soul to the other  The soul of your beloved will recognize and feel the love and light that is emanating from your heart.
John, Harry and Captain Wentworth all have no problems expressing themselves either.  If you love someone, let them know it.
The other character in the collage on the top of this post is Lucas North of MI5 (Spooks), but I added him only because I think that Lucas is one handsome and sexy looking man.  There is no harm in that is there?   Lucas North is married to his job though and any woman who comes into his life is only temporary.  Lucas choose his job over his wife Elizabeta.  If Lucas gave the kind of love, dedication and devotion to a woman as he gave to the organization in MI5 he would be one heck of a husband and his wife would be the LUCKIEST woman in the world.  I don’t want to come in second to a man behind his job, but I sure as heck want him to be handsome and sexy like Lucas North.  I think all of these men are handsome and sexy but Lucas North takes the cake for me..   Of course we all know that British actor Richard Armitage is also John Thornton and Harry Kennedy so maybe I should just replace Lucas North’s name with Richard’s…hee hee
If I take the good looks of Lucas North (Richard Armitage) and put it together with the character of John Thornton, Harry Kennedy, and Captain Wentworth that is the perfect man for me and the only man who I want.