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Guy of GisborneIf you have been reading my blog for a while then you know that I am not a fan of the BBC Robin Hood series.

Yes, I know that our man Richard Armitage is in it, but the series itself does not keep me engaged beyond admiring RA’s presence onscreen.

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about Guy of Gisborne because I just finished reading A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness for the third time.  Every time I read the book or listen to the audio version I think of Richard as Matthew Clairmont, and looking very much like Guy of Gisborne, except as Matthew, Guy would be much more polished, well dressed and clean shaven.  Of course Matthew also has a beautiful French accent.

rh107_019Guy and Matthew do not really have the same personality, but I think they do share the same sexy quality, and that is why I always picture Guy over any other character that RA has portrayed when I am reading ADOW.

ep7_002Matthew Clairmont is a very intense character and that is when I tend to think more of Lucas North.  Of course Lucas is sexy as all heck as well, but I picture MC having hair that is a little longer and his overall look reminding me of a medieval knight.  Lucas has the very clean shaven face and body of MC, the vampire.

ep4_080I like the intensity that RA brought to Lucas North.  It would work very well in the role of Matthew.  RA would have to step up that intensity ten-fold, which I am sure he could easily manage.

It could be said that Matthew is a little bit too intense, but I happen to find that part of the character very intriguing.  It is one of the character personality traits that completely pulls me toward him.  John Thornton is intense as well, but he is also shy with women and that would not describe Matthew Clairmont at all.

ep2_133Matthew stalks his prey, and I see a little bit of that quality in Lucas, but more so in Guy.  Only Matthew makes Guy seem like a light weight when it comes to preying.

rh107_016 Guy’s pursuit of Miriam was off the chain, but nothing compared to Matthew’s hunt of Diana Bishop.

rh107_104I am really looking forward to seeing how Matthew Clairmont unfolds onscreen, hopefully in the body of Richard Armitage.  I love to read, and often in my imagination transport myself into the books that I read.  Matthew Clairmont has become one of my all time favorite characters from a book.  This character has consumed me in the way that John Thornton did for months after I watched North and South.  I don’t think that I will ever get tired of reading the books in the trilogy either.


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Richard Armitage Collages

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in Robin Hood

Richard Armitage portraying sexy Lucas North in Spooks (MI5).

Richard Armitage as John Porter in Strike Back.

Richard Armitage as Harry Jasper Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley.

Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit.

I had a blast making these collages.  Does that come as any surprise to anyone?  🙂

My Lady Gisborne

My Lady Gisborne, A Love Story is a follow-up book to The Tempest by the same author.  In The Tempest, Guy of Gisborne and his wife Cassia are deeply in love and they have four children together.  In My Lady Gisborne, several years have passed and their children are much older.  Guy and Cassia have been married for 18 years.  After so many years of marriage Guy and Cassia are still deeply in love and their family is a very close-knit one.

The storyline revolves around their daughter Evelyn Elizabeth Gisborne.  When Evelyn was  a baby Guy promised her hand in marriage to the son of a dear friend and fellow nobleman, Basil Jean-Carre.  When Evelyn is fifteen years old she finally meets her betrothed Simon Jean-Carre’.  It had been arranged that Evelyn would marry Simon the day after her sixteenth birthday.  Now remember this is a medieval love story so marrying at 16 is common.    Evelyn is now 15 years old and it is time for her to meet the 23-year-old young man that she is betrothed to.  However, Evelyn also meets Rene’ Jean-Bastien who is a nobleman turned rogue.  Which man will Evelyn choose to marry?

I did not care for Rene’ from the start.  I thought he was immature, way too arrogant and selfish.  I was not happy when Evelyn started to fall for Rene’.  Simon Jean-Carre’ is a handsome and decent man of noble birth, but he is a bit cold and believes that his duty to the Crown is most important in life.  Having a wife was good but he only saw that as a backdrop to life.  Being under the same roof with the Gisborne’s changes all of that.  Simon truly falls in love with Evelyn and he wants to have a close-knit family of his own like the Gisborne’s.

Even though I did not care for the Rene’ Jean-Bastien character, it did add immensely to the storyline.  Rene’s feelings for Evelyn forced Simon to realize the depth of his love for her.  For a man who was not used to expressing the tenderness of love in words and emotions the threat of Rene’ forced Simon ‘s raw feelings to surface and remain there.

I cherished Guy of Gisborne even more in this book.  Guy’s love for his children is so strong.  The day that Guy had to give Evelyn away in marriage touched me deeply.  I could feel Guy’s emotions as he had to let go of his daughter to a life of her own.

I really enjoyed this book by Charlotte Hawkins so much.  It was a great continuation of a wonderful love story.  I will forever love the Gisborne’s through this author’s books.

4 Stars

The Tempest A Guy of Gisborne Story

A Richard Armitage fan on Pinterest highly recommended that I read this book The Tempest A Guy of Gisborne Story.  Since the Kindle version is only $3.99 I decided to purchase it.   I started reading it the next day and I literally could not put the book down until I finished the story.  It is written by Charlotte Hawkins.

I really enjoyed reading this book.  A couple of people on Amazon hated it but I don’t get that at all.  I found the storyline to be very engaging.  It was nice to see Guy of Gisborne find the true love of his life and I was glad that it was not Marian.  It was also nice to see Guy’s transformation from a man who was wicked and cruel to a man who deep down had a good decent side to him and was really ashamed of the way he acted and the lives he ruined.

Cassia DeWarren is the woman who loved Guy of Gisborne and was able to see through him to his soul.  She saw that deep down there was goodness in him and with her love she brought that aspect of Guy to the fore.   At the start of the story Guy is still obsessed with Marian, but after he is injured and left unconscious, his body was found by Cassia and her father Robert DeWarren.  Cassia and Robert managed to bring Guy’s body to the house and from there worked on his injuries which were very serious and life threatening.  As Cassia’s unwilling patient Guy gets to know Cassia who is of peasant birth.  Being in constant close proximity with Cassia, Guy is forced to get to know her better.  The more Guy gets to know Cassia the more he is drawn to her as a person.  Guy is also physically drawn to Cassia.  She is a dark beauty just as Marian was but instead of having green eyes Cassia’s eyes are dark.

 In the BBC Robin Hood series Richard Armitage plays Guy of Gisborne and you can easily recognize Richard’s portrayal of the character in this book.
 Over time Guy of Gisborne realizes that he is in love with Cassia and that his love for Marian paled in comparison.  Cassia inspires Guy to want to be a better person and he is ashamed of the misery and heartbreak that he caused in the past.
Guy of Gisborne is extremely amorous in this book and it does contain detailed lovemaking scenes.  Some people do find this sort of thing uncomfortable, but I don’t as long as it is written tastefully and is connected to love and not base lust.  For being such a formerly cruel person Guy is a very sweet, tender, considerate and passionate lover who has no problems expressing himself in the bedroom.   I was blushing as I was reading the love scenes.
If I am not mistaken the author of this book based Guy of Gisborne on Richard Armitage’s portrayal of him in Robin Hood.  In the book Guy had the same way of smirking that Richard brought to the character.  They have the same brooding and arrogant temperament.
  Thank you Richard Armitage and thank you Charlotte Hawkins for a great book.  Click HERE to go the author’s blog.  This is the first and only book I have read by her.  Miss Hawkins does wrote “adult” books.  I enjoyed this one and was not offended but I am not sure about the others.  Some people may consider her books soft porn which I am not into either.  I may give another one of her books a try since I enjoyed this one so much.
5 Stars