In Consequence: A Retelling Of North And South

In Consequence 2I read Trudy Brasure’s first book, A Heart for Milton about two years ago and loved it so much that I read it again.  Since I enjoyed her first book so much, I decided to read her second “what if” version of Elizabeth Gaskell’s wonderful story.  I like Trudy’s first book more because the ending I liked better than in this one.  Having said that, In Consequence is a good book on its own.  I enjoyed reading it very much.

I was nervous that this new version was going to have conflicts all over it keeping John and Margaret apart until near the end of the book, but that is not the case.  Thank goodness for that because I would not have enjoyed the book if that was the case.  I cannot stand to read a romance novel where the hero and heroine are at odds until the last chapter.  That is basically what Elizabeth Gaskell did and I have to admit that I am not crazy about that aspect of her novel. Continue reading →

The Turkish Lover

the-turkish-loverThe Turkish Lover is the third memoir installment of Esmeralda Santiago.  The first is When I Was Puerto Rican and the second is Almost A Woman.   In this book Esmeralda goes into more detail about her seven years long love affair with Turkish film producer, Ulvi Dogan.  Esmeralda met Ulvi in Manhattan when she was 20 and he was 37.  Ulvi is from a culture that condones male chauvinism, and he is exactly that.  Esmeralda falls under Ulvi’s spell to my complete amazement.

This book is well written, but frustrating to read because Esmeralda spent seven years allowing this man to control her life.  She mentions Ulvi in her book, Almost A Woman, and I thought that Esmeralda was with him for no more than a year.  I was shocked to learn in this book that she was with him for so long. Continue reading →

The Tutor’s Daughter

The tutors daughterThis book is by the same author who wrote The Girl in the Gatehouse.  I will not be reading anymore books by this author.  Julie Klassen writes Christian romance novels, and there is nothing wrong with that if that is what you love.  I need a little more going on.  I do not like erotica books, that is for sure.  In erotica people are having sex just because they can, and love does not necessarily have anything to do with it.  I realize that there is an audience for erotica, but it simply is not my cup of tea.  I do not mind reading romance novels that contain sex scenes.  I have literally read hundreds of them since I was 19 years old and read Shana by the late Kathleen Woodiwiss, but erotica is not the same as romance novels.  There are certain “formulas”  specific to writing  romance novels that do not hold for erotica. Continue reading →

Orange Lilies: A Novel By R.C. Waller

Orange Lilies by R.C. WallerThis book, Orange Lilies, was written by a woman who commented on my blog a few weeks ago.  Rhonda Waller offered to send me a free copy of her book, but I opted instead to purchase it.  As an aspiring novelist myself I wanted to support a published author that is not well-known, nor established within the literary world.  I began reading Orange Lilies this morning, and I was so drawn into the story that I read all 256 pages in just a few hours.  I truly enjoyed reading it. Continue reading →

Hello, My Love!

I was sent this e-book by the author, E. Journey, back in August of 2013 to read and review.  Since the fall semester had just started, I was not able to fit in reading it until this past weekend.  Hello, My Love is a fast and easy read.  You can actually get it done in one day.  It took me two days since I was out for a good portion of the day on Saturday. Continue reading →

Rumi: Hidden Music

Rumi - Hidden MusicI actually purchased this book several years ago.  It was in the bargain books section.

I just got around to reading it today.

This is a visually beautiful book.  There is a lot of abstract artwork in it.  I am not really a fan of abstract art, but I really appreciate the artwork in here and recognize its beauty.

Many of the poem translations struck deep cords within me.  Having said that, many of the poems did not.

Hidden Music is the first of anything written by Rumi that I read.

The poems in this book are basically a celebration of the love of God.  God is referred to as the Beloved.  I think ‘Beloved’ is a beautiful way to refer to God.  I just found some of the translations a bit confusing, while others I was able to grasp the deeper meaning.

3 Stars