Madame de Florian And The Paris Apartment

decouvrez-lincroyable-appartement-parisien-de-madame-de-florian-laisse-inoccupe-pendant-70-ans1I am sure that you remember the blog post that I did titled “A Time Capsule In Paris.”  One of the people who read it was kind enough to let me know that a book of fiction based on Madame de Florian’s abandoned apartment has been  written.  It is due to be out this spring.  The author’s name is Michelle Gable, and you can read about it on her website HERE.   I look forward to reading the book, and then writing a review on it here on Collar City Brownstone.  The author recently completed putting the finishing touches on her literary masterpiece, as you can see from the photo on the right hand side.  The Paris Apartment 2I certainly wish that I had all the time I needed to write books, but Xenia’s life right now is taken up with finishing up school.

Michelle Gable also has a fan page on Facebook.  Her book can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

The Paris Apartment manuscript photo courtesy of Michelle Gable.

17th Century London

This You Tube video is a 3D animation of what 17th century London would have looked like before the Great Fire of 1666.

The video was done by six students from De Montfort University.

You can visit their team blog by clicking on Pudding Lane Productions.

The music in this video is by the composer Hans Zimmer, ‘Leave No Man Behind’. Copyrighted.


3000 Years-Old Find Under Home in Old City of Jerusalem…WOW

Siebenberg-Museum-TazpitWhy couldn’t this happen to me?

This has to be one of the most AMAZING archaeological finds that I have ever read about.

I would LOVE to find 3000 years-old ancient treasures under my home.

Maybe if I dug deep enough I would find remains from Indian Reservations.  Where I live was huge American Indian territory.  A lot of the villages and towns are named after Indian tribes.

Anyway, I would LOVE to visit this house in the old city of Jerusalem.

5Over eighteen years, Theo and Miriam Siebenberg found remains, including ancient burial vaults, a cistern, pottery, mosaics, coins, ancient rooms going back to the time of King Solomon and the first and second Temples.  Many of the items found would be more than two thousand years old.

You can read all about it HERE.

Reading this brought tears to my eyes because it is such an inspirational story.

Theo Siebenberg spent years searching for his Jewish roots after fleeing Belgium at age thirteen, and his perseverance paid off.

This story is a wonderful example of what you can do if you remain true to yourself, follow your heart and intuition without wavering.

2_36In the above graphic you can that the Siebenberg home was built like a town home.

After the Siebenberg’s moved in they began digging underneath their home because Theo did not believe reports that there are no ancients ruins.  It was built very near where the second Temple stood, so there had to be something there.

Good thinking on your part Theo Siebenberg!

I would think that the entire area would have ancient treasures underground.

1234Imagine living in this house and everyday going up and down the stairs you are looking upon ancient ruins.

How absolutely AWESOME!

28_100The Siebenberg’s also ran a museum on the lower floor for people to come and view the ancient treasures below.



22_735I have to say that I love the style of the house, even though I do not usually go for modern architecture.

I think this house is gorgeous!

1The modern coldness of the home’s design is softened with color and comfortable furniture.

16_36 This story was first reported in 1985.  Here is the link to the original news story that appeared in the New York Times newspaper.

Theo and MiriamTheo and Miriam Siebenberg

Photo Source

Photo Source number two

How The Bodleian Library Came To Be

bodleianThanks to a member of the All Souls Trilogy discussion board, I learned something about how the Bodleian Library came to be.

Click HERE if you are interested in reading about it too.

conveyor belts at the BoldeianAbove is a photo of one of the conveyors that slowly travels underground through the tunnels of the Bodleian when retrieving books.

Photo and article is HERE.

This is all very fascinating to me.