Belated Merry Christmas Greeting

I filmed this on Christmas day but was too lazy to post it until now.  You would not believe how long it took me to film these few minutes.  I redid it so many times.  I also had to force myself to get out of my brand new pajamas and put on something decent to film.  Christmas day for me was completely lazy and laid back.  All I did was eat and watch movies.  I hope that your Christmas was all that you wished for.

My Rewrite Grade

You may recall my last post where I was whining about receiving “no grade” on a midterm paper that I wrote for one of my graduate school courses.  I was very upset which included crying like a baby.  I plunged myself into a pit of despair and self-pity.   I had the choice to do the assignment again to try to get a grade and preferably a grade that I could be proud of.  I was so stressed out that I could not grasp, in my mind, how to begin rewriting the assignment.   It took me two weeks to get it together enough to start it.  I read a lot of the assigned reading again before going over what it is I learned from it all.  I included everything I could think of as a response to the reading material.  I am happy to report that I got an A (-).  My faith and confidence in myself has now been restored (for now…HA!).  I thanked my professor for being hard on me because it was exactly what I needed.  I now know that I do have it in me to succeed as a graduate student.

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Graduate School Paper Fail & Other Updates

CMYK_ESC_GRADSchool_StackedOver the weekend I received back the first major paper for one of my graduate school courses.  I received no grade for it because the professor, who is also my academic adviser, said that I did not really answer the questions asked.  She also wrote that my paper is casual, whatever that is supposed to mean, and wanted to know why I handed in the paper that I did.  Needless to say I was quite upset.  I spent hours, and HOURS and DAYS reading the assigned material and then writing my paper.  To end up with a no grade did a job on my emotional state.  I began to cry and then wondered if I am cut out for graduate school.  I did so well as an undergrad.  I know that much more is expected of students in graduate school, but how could I be that bad? Continue reading →

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Benedict Cumberbatch as HAMLET

cumberbatch hamletToday I went to see Benedict Cumberbatch perform on stage in London as Hamlet.  I am not in London, but I sure wish I was.  National Theatre Live is streaming this play in theaters all over the world.  Click on National Theatre Live to look up what movie house near you is streaming this awesome play.   The experience this after noon was brilliant and engaging. Continue reading →

Tour Xenia’s Kitchen on You Tube

I finally put up a video on You Tube and you can check it out right here.  I was nervous and there are so many things that I need to learn to make high quality videos, but it was also fun to make.  My goal is to churn out at least one video per week.  Please excuse the state of my house, but if I waited until everything was done a video wouldn’t go up for months.  I have been very busy decluttering and the more I declutter the messier my house is getting because I am taking things out to go through them. Continue reading →

Update on Xenia

good for the soulIt has been quite a while since I posted on my blog, but I was not motivated.  I have been so busy at work that by the time the work day was over I had no energy left to sit down and blog in the way that I have always enjoyed.  I was also stressed out.  The only thing that I was looking forward to for weeks was my annual spiritual retreat in Montreal, and that took place in August.  I needed it and enjoyed it immensely.  I am recharged while at the same time feeling extremely vulnerable to God.  I have been feeling this way for quite some time.  It is hard to explain.  All I can say is that I feel like I am standing naked before the Presence of God.  There is no more looking to the world for fulfillment in the human sense.   I enjoy my life and I am so thankful for everything, but I am recognizing a deeper meaning to it all that is making my perspective of life change.  I am falling deeper in love with life. Continue reading →

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