My Brownstone

Tin ceiling in Xenia's house

This page will include all of the posts that I write about my Queen Anne Victorian Brownstone home.  I love my house and I am honored to be its present steward.  Within each blog post you will also see photographs of my home.  Some of the photos were taken by me and others were taken by a professional photographer.

My Queen Anne Victorian is circa 1871.  The house is made of brownstone and brick.   It was originally owned by a well to do stone mason from Massachusetts who became a very prominent citizen in Troy.  During the time of the industrial revolution, Troy became the fifth wealthiest city in America.

When I purchased this house in 2004, it was in very bad shape.  It had been vacant for twelve years.  All of the windows were broken and boarded up.  At some point it was cut up into four apartments.  It had been broken into several times during the twelve years of vacancy.  Every room was strewn with trash.  She was crying out for someone to come along and save her.  I was happy to do it.  My queenly home is now a single family house once again and she is smiling after years of neglect.  There are a total of 15 rooms and just over 4000 square feet of space.

Restoring this house has been a complete labor or love for me, but never again would I take on a project this big.  Well… least not without a husband to help me…LOL

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My Library Room
Living Room #2
Living Room #1
Front Staircase
My Bedroom
My Shabby Chic Kitchen
My Shabby Chic Dining Room
Second Parlor Room
First Parlor Room
My Bathrooms
A Peek into My Brownstone
Pink and White Roses
Loving Troy’s Architectural Heritage
Collar City Brownstone Makes A Splash

Love this Bathroom


Washington Park


  1. Ann Marie Kelly says:

    You were talking about the painted bass covers on your heat vents. Question can’t you remove the paint with steamer which should peal the paint off. Then use a Brass
    Cleaner to bring back the natural shine. So it will look good with your hard wood floors? And to put wall paper up is hard and messy job. Most painter don’t want to deal with it. So that’s why they put up wallpaper boards.

    • Xenia says:

      Hi Ann Marie, I never thought of that. I have a person who comes to do things around the house for me., I will ask him about steaming the paint off the floor vent. I really cannot stand it.

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