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Martin Luther King Jr.’s Poignant Letter From Birmingham

MLKIn one of my classes the professor had everyone read the letter that Martin Luther King Jr. wrote while he was in jail in Birmingham.  I admit that prior to taking this course, I had not read the letter, although I did know about it.  I found the letter very moving.  It immediately shows how highly educated and intelligent Martin Luther King Jr. was.  The letter is very well written and articulated.  I have always believed that MLK and Nelson Mandela came to the earth to teach humanity some very important lessons.   The letter is very long, but worth every second of your time reading it. Continue reading →

Chimpanzee Hugs Jane Goodall After Being Freed

This video is very heart warming and moving.  A chimpanzee named Wounda is cared for after being ill and near death.  Once Wounda is completely recovered she is released back into her natural environment.  She shows her appreciation to Jane Goodall by giving her one of the most loving hugs that I ever saw any animal give.  It took me a while to stop replaying this video over and over again.

If you can, please give what you can to help free the other chimpanzees that are still being cared for at the Jane Goodall Institute.

Thank you!

The Jane Goodall Institute