Belated Merry Christmas Greeting

I filmed this on Christmas day but was too lazy to post it until now.  You would not believe how long it took me to film these few minutes.  I redid it so many times.  I also had to force myself to get out of my brand new pajamas and put on something decent to film.  Christmas day for me was completely lazy and laid back.  All I did was eat and watch movies.  I hope that your Christmas was all that you wished for.

Everyone Deserves A Holiday

Everyone deserves a holidayWe have all heard by now that Macy’s will be opening at 8pm for the first time this year on Thanksgiving.

Of course Macy’s is not the first retail chain to open their doors to the buying public on this special day of the year, but with Macy’s joining the fray just seems to dig this practice deeper into its hole.

I won’t put this course of action on the holiday entirely on the retail stores.  The buying public has to share some of the responsibility.  If people would not leave their homes and families to shop on Thanksgiving Day, the stores would not find it worth their while to open up.

Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays.  Just thinking about Thanksgiving evokes many warm and wonderful memories for me.  I love it!

Two of my brothers are now angels in the plains of bliss, but Thanksgiving still brings happiness into my life.  My parents are still here, along with my youngest brother and my sister.  We don’t always gather together for Thanksgiving because we are all so scattered in other states, but we always keep in touch.

I have my dear friends too whom I spend time with on Thanksgiving as well.

Human beings have done such a disservice to ourselves by making Thanksgiving, and the day after about shopping.  It used to be about gathering with family and friends to give thanks for the many blessings of life.  Throughout the day you could smell the delicious foods and baked goods being prepared.  For many people that is still what Thanksgiving is about, but unfortunately too many people are interested in the supposed great deals they can get in stores.

I really wish that most people would not leave their families on Thanksgiving day to go shopping.  Will you please consider not going out that day to shop?  May we return to the true meaning behind Thanksgiving day.