When Breaks The Dawn

when breaks the dawnWhen Breaks the Dawn is the third book of the Canadian West Series, by Janette Oke.  This books spans several years and focuses quite a bit on the very harsh life of the frontier because of the extremely harsh winters and the remoteness of the area.   Wynn and Elizabeth are also concerned because she has not manged to conceive by the third year of their marriage.  It is automatically assumed that Elizabeth must have something wrong with her so she and Wynn agree that she should travel back to civilization so that she can be checked out by a doctor.  Never is it taken into consideration that Wynn could be “shooting blanks”. However, it is important to remember that back in the early 1900’s it was still believed that if a woman was not conceiving that it must be her fault and not the fault of the man. Continue reading →

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When Hope Springs New

when hope springs newWhen Hope Springs New is the fourth book in the Canadian West Series by Janette Oke.  Elizabeth and her beloved husband Wynn move even further North on orders from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police headquarters.  A Mountie is subject to transfer orders at any time.  Often they are relocated to very remote parts of the Canadian Northwest which makes life quite challenging.

In this novel the couple is relocated to a very remote Indian Village.  There is some political incorrectness in this book.  The Indians are portrayed as childish and needing a white woman (Elizabeth Thatcher) to tell them common sense things for survival.  I doubt very highly that after their village burns to ground and they lose everything that the Native Indians would be running around laughing and playing like children instead of making plans to rebuild before winter arrives and to gather food so they don’t starve.  Yet that is exactly what is described in this book.

There is a lot of higher wisdom and knowledge that comes out of the spirituality of Native Indians, but this book only equates them with irrational and superstitious beliefs.

I do not like how Native People are portrayed in this book at all.

I give this book 2 stars out of 5.

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When Comes The Spring

when comes the springWhen Comes the Spring is the second book in the Canadian West Series by Janette Oke.  I did not like this book nearly as much as the first one.  Elizabeth Thatcher is so different from how she was in the first book.  In this second book Elizabeth is whiny, very needy and always complaining.  I cannot understand how she went from being a career woman who went out west to brave the Canadian frontier, and now she is acting like a spoiled needy brat.  She needs to have Wynn by her side every minute or else she feels bored and doesn’t know what to do with herself.  This from a woman who found plenty to do with herself when she lived ALONE in the middle of nowhere in the teacherage? Continue reading →

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When Calls The Heart: The Book

when calls the heartI decided to read the Canadian West Series by Janette Oke after watching the Hallmark television series When Calls the Heart.  The TV shows does NOT follow the book at all.  The Elizabeth Thatcher in the TV show is the niece of the Elizabeth Thatcher of the book.  When Calls the Heart is the first of the books in the Canadian West Series.  Janette Oke is a born again Christian and writes faith-based books.  I am a Christian, but I usually stay away from faith-based books because I don’t really care much for them.  They tend to be too preachy for my personal tastes.  However, I made an exception in this case because I love the TV show so much.  I wanted to read the original story. Continue reading →

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Paris Letters

Paris LettersI love reading travel memoirs.  Paris Letters by Janice MacLeod was a delight to read.  I truly admire single women who not only talks about the life they want to live, but also takes an active part in making their dreams a reality with gusto.

Janice MacLoud is a 34-year old woman who has been working as a copywriter for different advertising agencies for years.  She thought it was a career that would satisfy her, but after many stressful years in the business Janice is simply burned out.  One day she decides to figure out how much money she would need to save each day in order to quit her job and go on personal sabbatical for a year.  Janice began taking drastic steps to save money.  She stopped accepting constant invitations to eat out.  She also cut the cord on cable TV and sold her television.  She managed to pay off all of her credit cards.  The spending habits that Janice developed along with adhering to good financial advice enabled Janice to save $60,000.00 which was double what she set out to save.  Off to Paris goes Janice and that is when the real adventure begins. Continue reading →

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The Mermaid Garden

the mermaid gardenLast weekend I read The Mermaid Garden by Santa Montefiore.  I LOVED every last 419 pages of this novel, and I will be checking out more books by this U.K. based author.  The original title of this book is The House by the Sea.  The elements of romance and mystery makes The Mermaid Garden delightful to read.

In the beautiful Tuscan Valley, 10-year-old Floriana Farussi meets 18-year-old Dante Alberto Massimo and they become friends. Dante is the very handsome son of one of Italy’s richest men and his family owns the Villa La Magdalena, where they spend the summer months each year.  Floriana, who is practically an orphan, is invited in by Dante to see the beautiful gardens of Villa La Magdalena after he spots her staring in from the other side if the iron gates.  Dante is a very kind young man and he begins to see life through the innocent eyes of his new friend Floriana. Continue reading →

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