Spring Semester Is Over

book1-720x340As of 5:00pm this evening the spring school semester is officially over.  YAY!!!  This semester was harder than the last one.  I am so happy that it is over.  I did not realize how stressed out I was too until I submitted my last paper yesterday evening.  Now I just have to wait for my final grades to come in.  It is going to be a PLEASURE to wake up tomorrow morning and NOT have to get right to my studies, or write a paper.  This was my last full-time semester as an undergraduate.  In the fall I only need to take two classes.  From now until September, I also have to write my prior learning assessment essays so that I can get my degree program approve.  I will spend the summer writing my PLA’s. Continue reading →

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Personality Tests

I enjoy taking all types of personality tests.  In my Learning Styles class this semester I had to take a few as the course progressed.  Sometimes these tests will hit the nail on the head, and other times they are mostly off the mark.    But they are fun to take.

Below are the scores of three different tests that I took.  The first one is the personality test.  I scored ISFJ on that one.  You can click on each link the take the tests yourself. Continue reading →

I received An “A” In School

congratulations_you_got_an_a_sticker-r161f5373959040c9bb1e4a0a4f7dd213_v9waf_8byvr_324A week ago I received an A on the first paper I wrote for school.


I had to hand in seven assignments by today for all of my classes.

I am keeping my fingers crossed for high scores on all of them.

I had to choose a theme for a research paper that I have to do for my mathematics class.

For my theme I choose a statement by Galileo Galilei:

Mathematics is the language with which God has written the Universe.”

I love this statement, and it fits in perfectly with my career path.

I also had to choose a book to do a report on.  I chose this book:

piIt is not on the list of suggested books by the instructor, so she has to approve it before I purchase it.

I think that this will fit in well with my theme paper as well, so I hope I get the approval.

My routine is that I take Mondays off from academic work.  Instead I use that day to work on my romance novel and whatever else I feel like doing.

The other six days I study and work on assignments for school.  I also have to fine tune my degree rationale.  My faculty adviser and I are looking it over with a fine tooth comb to make sure it has an excellent chance of being accepted by the committee.

I am also participating in the real-time read of A Discover of Witches.

Thanks to all of you, and especially those who are sticking with me on my blog as I navigate my way to earning my degree.

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Inspiration Vintage by Alabaster Rose

Inspiration Vintage Magazine Final Print-page0001I just discovered a new magazine on vintage style thanks to browsing photos on Pinterest.  This gorgeous home decor magazine was created by Melinda who is the blog owner over at Alabaster Rose Lifestyle.  Some of the contributors to this publication are other home decor bloggers that I have been subscribed to for a while, but I just found Melinda’s blog.  You can get a printed copy, digital copy or both by clicking HERE.


Inspiration Vintage Magazine Final Print-page0003


Inspiration Vintage Magazine Final Print-4-page0007


Inspiration Vintage Magazine Final Print-4-page0041


Inspiration Vintage Magazine Final Print-4-page0049

Photos courtesy of Alabaster Rose Lifestyle and A Rosy Note.