Tampa, Florida

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If you read my last post, then you know that I traveled to Tampa, Florida on June 30th.  It was a trip that me and my family had planned since January.  It is a good thing too, because we really needed to get away after such a stressful first half of the year.  We rented a condo from July 1st to July 10th.  It was a lovely ground floor condo that had a gorgeous view of the grounds of the condo community from the lanai.  The condo had central air and washer and dryer so we did not return home with dirty clothes.  Besides me, there was my Mom, sister and brother with his twin daughters. Continue reading →

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A School Update

Where do I begin?  Well, let’s say that I have had more than enough.  I was granted an extension to complete Assignments for both classes.  One was Literature Review and the other was Perspective in Interdisciplinary Studies.  I tried to complete assignments for both courses by the end of June so that I could leave for vacation on June 30th without having that still on my plate.  Who wants to go on vacation to Tampa, Florida having to do graduate school assignments.  Not ME!!!!  BUT that is exactly what ended up happening.  The Literature Review professor said that my review still needed work.  For Perspectives I had to write a degree rationale and list of electives, their descriptions and bibliographies.  Those two things needed work as well.  I spent most of the time in Tampa working on school assignments, and I was not happy about it. Continue reading →

New Mexico? Arizona?…Maybe Texas?

I have been thinking a lot about moving.  I LOVE my house, but I was thinking that I would love to retire at 62, and if having a mortgage is going to prevent me from retiring sooner rather than later, then I would sell it.  I am not going to be a slave to a mortgage until I am 80 years old.  A dear friend of mine is close to 70 years old but cannot retire because she has a very high mortgage payment.  When she was approaching her 65th birthday, I suggested that she sell her house, but she refuses to do so.  From the outside looking in at her situation, to me, it seems silly to keep a house that is preventing you from retiring.  My friend has refinanced her house a few times, so I figured that maybe she owes more than she would get for it and that is why she won’t sell it.  She keeps telling me that she loves her house and that is where the family celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas.  From the outside looking in those reasons seem silly.  First off, family can celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas anyplace.  Nothing can stop you from being together on important days.  Secondly, as I have already stated, to me, there is no house worth working until I am 80 just to pay the mortgage.  I always try to warn people that refinancing to get money out of your home is not really such a great thing.  Banks love it because it keeps you enslaved to them for even more years than your original mortgage called for.  The only good reason for refinancing, to me, is if you can get a lower interest rate, but do not take any equity out of your home at all.  Just refinance to get a better interest rate and that is it. Continue reading →

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My Beloved Father, 1928 – 2016

My beloved father passed away during the night of March 11, 2016.  Today his physical body will be laid to rest.  My father really wanted to be on this earth plane until he reached 120 years.  Instead he left at age 87.  He would have turned 88 later this year.  My father’s body was too wrecked from the effects of parkinson’s disease to sustain life in it any further.  My father was far from the best father one could ever have, but long ago I forgave him for his human flaws, accepted him and loved him anyway.   I will miss him, but at the same time feel relief that it is all over.  He was not living a good quality of life, and in the last month or so things got really bad. Continue reading →

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When Calls The Heart

wcth5Over the past two years while I was in college, I stopped watching movies on Netflix on a regular basis.  Just over a week ago I had the pleasure of watching a television series that originally began airing on the Hallmark Channel in January 2014. When Calls the Heart is a period television series based on a book of the same name by Janette Oke. Continue reading →

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