Black Victoriana: Part Two

African American men I received an overwhelming response to the blog post Black Victoriana, so I decided to post more photos of African Americans from way back when.  My Black Victoriana post, to date, has received the most views and comments of any other blog post that I have ever done since starting my blog in 2011.  My other posts do not even come anywhere near the views and comments that Black Victoriana has received.  My main reason for posting those photos is because I wanted people to see African Americans from the late 19th and early to middle 20th century in a different light.  It is a way that is how we represented ourselves daily back in the day.  We are not a group of people who mostly grew up in ghettos, turned to drugs and did not care about educating ourselves.  The reality was quite the opposite. Continue reading →

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Poignant Letter From Birmingham

MLKIn one of my classes the professor had everyone read the letter that Martin Luther King Jr. wrote while he was in jail in Birmingham.  I admit that prior to taking this course, I had not read the letter, although I did know about it.  I found the letter very moving.  It immediately shows how highly educated and intelligent Martin Luther King Jr. was.  The letter is very well written and articulated.  I have always believed that MLK and Nelson Mandela came to the earth to teach humanity some very important lessons.   The letter is very long, but worth every second of your time reading it. Continue reading →

A Poignant Photo

Slave of the Minor Family, Amherst, Virginia

Slave of the Minor Family, Amherst, Virginia

Yesterday on my personal Facebook page, I posted a number of photos to mark the first day of Black History month.  This one received the most comments from both of my white and black Facebook friends.  Everyone was affected by it.  It is quite moving and many people wondered what she was thinking as she sat and waited to be photographed. Continue reading →