Madame de Florian And The Paris Apartment

decouvrez-lincroyable-appartement-parisien-de-madame-de-florian-laisse-inoccupe-pendant-70-ans1I am sure that you remember the blog post that I did titled “A Time Capsule In Paris.”  One of the people who read it was kind enough to let me know that a book of fiction based on Madame de Florian’s abandoned apartment has been  written.  It is due to be out this spring.  The author’s name is Michelle Gable, and you can read about it on her website HERE.   I look forward to reading the book, and then writing a review on it here on Collar City Brownstone.  The author recently completed putting the finishing touches on her literary masterpiece, as you can see from the photo on the right hand side.  The Paris Apartment 2I certainly wish that I had all the time I needed to write books, but Xenia’s life right now is taken up with finishing up school.

Michelle Gable also has a fan page on Facebook.  Her book can be pre-ordered on Amazon.

The Paris Apartment manuscript photo courtesy of Michelle Gable.