Tiny Houses


Photo from country living dot com.

Tiny houses are in such demand these days that it is now referred to as a movement.  If I am not mistaken, the tiny house movement came out the current minimalist lifestyle movement.  I am excited about the minimalist lifestyle and embrace it.  For quite some time I have been getting rid of clutter in my house, and it is a very freeing activity.  Not only do I get more free flow of space, but there are less things to have to dust when it’s time to clean.  Like many things though, I think that humans tend to take things to the extreme.  I see the tiny house movement as taking minimalism to extreme.  As the tiny house movement continues to grow I see that builders are also taking advantage of tiny house seekers. Continue reading →

A Harlem Brownstone

Front viewYou know how much I love old brownstone homes.  I got so excited when I saw photos of this one.  It is a magnificent 4 story townhouse in the Jumel Terrace neighborhood of Harlem, New York.  It is up for sale, and the asking price is $2,475,000.  Brownstones in New York City are very expensive.  Actually, all of NYC is extremely expensive now.  It has turned into a haven for the over the top wealthy.  Apartments in Manhattan are now going for several thousands of dollars per month.  Unfortunately, many life long residents of NYC have been forced to move elsewhere.  I really, really, really, really, really appreciate the mere $10,000 that I paid for mine. Continue reading →