Tiny Houses


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Tiny houses are in such demand these days that it is now referred to as a movement.  If I am not mistaken, the tiny house movement came out the current minimalist lifestyle movement.  I am excited about the minimalist lifestyle and embrace it.  For quite some time I have been getting rid of clutter in my house, and it is a very freeing activity.  Not only do I get more free flow of space, but there are less things to have to dust when it’s time to clean.  Like many things though, I think that humans tend to take things to the extreme.  I see the tiny house movement as taking minimalism to extreme.  As the tiny house movement continues to grow I see that builders are also taking advantage of tiny house seekers. Continue reading →

Xenia Updates

Hello to all of you who still read my blog, and to those who are stopping by for the first time.  It has been almost two months since my father passed away.    I force myself not to think about my father so that I can keep my life moving forward.  I do not want to drown in grief.  So far I am handling it well, but it requires keeping myself busy doing and thinking about other things. Continue reading →

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New Mexico? Arizona?…Maybe Texas?

I have been thinking a lot about moving.  I LOVE my house, but I was thinking that I would love to retire at 62, and if having a mortgage is going to prevent me from retiring sooner rather than later, then I would sell it.  I am not going to be a slave to a mortgage until I am 80 years old.  A dear friend of mine is close to 70 years old but cannot retire because she has a very high mortgage payment.  When she was approaching her 65th birthday, I suggested that she sell her house, but she refuses to do so.  From the outside looking in at her situation, to me, it seems silly to keep a house that is preventing you from retiring.  My friend has refinanced her house a few times, so I figured that maybe she owes more than she would get for it and that is why she won’t sell it.  She keeps telling me that she loves her house and that is where the family celebrates Thanksgiving and Christmas.  From the outside looking in those reasons seem silly.  First off, family can celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas anyplace.  Nothing can stop you from being together on important days.  Secondly, as I have already stated, to me, there is no house worth working until I am 80 just to pay the mortgage.  I always try to warn people that refinancing to get money out of your home is not really such a great thing.  Banks love it because it keeps you enslaved to them for even more years than your original mortgage called for.  The only good reason for refinancing, to me, is if you can get a lower interest rate, but do not take any equity out of your home at all.  Just refinance to get a better interest rate and that is it. Continue reading →

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My Beloved Father, 1928 – 2016

My beloved father passed away during the night of March 11, 2016.  Today his physical body will be laid to rest.  My father really wanted to be on this earth plane until he reached 120 years.  Instead he left at age 87.  He would have turned 88 later this year.  My father’s body was too wrecked from the effects of parkinson’s disease to sustain life in it any further.  My father was far from the best father one could ever have, but long ago I forgave him for his human flaws, accepted him and loved him anyway.   I will miss him, but at the same time feel relief that it is all over.  He was not living a good quality of life, and in the last month or so things got really bad. Continue reading →

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Some Random Instagram Photos

Happy New Year everyone! This morning when I woke up I decided to take some photos around the house. I’ve had an Instagram account for some time, but I was not using it at all. I decided that it is time to make use of it. This year I will document some of my life in photos. These are just for practice.

Xenia's parlor room number 1.2 Continue reading →

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