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Xenia 3Yes, my name really is Xenia.  No, I was not born in Xenia, Ohio.  I was born in Panama in Central America, where my parents were born and raised.  My father, with my mother’s consent, named me Xenia, and in Panama it is pronounced “sane-ya”.  I know that you will be tempted to call me “zeen-ya”, but in my case that would be incorrect.  My Xenia is pronounced “sane-ya”.

Xenia 7My father was a Latin jazz musician (Dad played the drums) in Panama, and when I was still a very little girl he decided to come to America, so the USA is where I was raised.  When I was eight years old I became an American citizen and I am very proud of that.  I still embrace my Panamanian cultural heritage as well as my African heritage.  I am proud of all of these aspects of my being.

Xenia 11I started this blog in October 2011 to be an online journal of my Victorian brownstone restoration, but it has grown into so much more very quickly.  I love to write and my blog certainly feeds that part of me well.  I have lots of thoughts that I like writing down.  I have actually been writing in journals throughout the years since I was thirteen years old.  I still have that first journal too.  The internet brings a new spin to journaling.  It has certainly expanded my world, and many other bloggers have inspired me so much.  I thank you all for that.  I hope that I inspire you as you all continue to inspire me.

Xenia 6On my blog I am only focusing on things that I enjoy and are important to me.  I am trying to keep it fun, positive and beautiful.

My passions include: (in no particular order)


 Watching movies that contain romance.

Metaphysics and Sacred Alchemy

My chosen spiritual path



Being active in my community

Visiting museums

Classic Soul music

Classical music

Easy listening music

Arts and crafts

The Renaissance Period

 Interior decorating

 Being the proud owner of a Queen Anne Victorian brownstone

Historic Preservation

Furthering my education

Historic preservation is important to me, so I am lovingly restoring my home.  I purchased my first house in 1999 and it was a federal row house circa 1790.  I thought that I would be living in that house for many years until I saw this one that was crying out for someone to love her back to health.  So after five years of living in my first house I sold it.  You can see pictures and read all the posts pertaining to my  Victorian brownstone HERE.

Xenia 12I wonder what museum I am in?…HA! LOL

I write about a lot of different things.  It was too challenging for me to keep this blog on one area of focus.  I have a lot of respect for bloggers who can successfully do that.

Xenia 4My first passion is my spirituality, and I am a part of 3 Dispensations.  I see all of life as spiritual.  I am an individualization of Mother-Father God, expressing in this physical embodiment on earth.   One of my favorite quotes is “I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me“.  I am coming at that statement from a metaphysical standpoint; not a religious one.  We are creator beings and my main goal in life is to bring forth fully on earth the Christ that abides in me.  It is who I really AM.

BooksAs I’ve said earlier I love to read.  I am passionate about books and reading.  So much so that I have hundreds of books, but I have read thousands throughout my life so far.  I cannot imagine a world without books.  Reading enriches my life, and I love to get lost in the stories.  Growing up I decided that one day I would have my own personal library room in my own home, and that has become a reality.  I enjoy writing book reviews and you can read all of mine HERE.  My book review page is updated regularly.

I did not finish college when I first went straight out of high school.  In 2013 I returned to school after many years.  On June 13, 2015 I was conferred my Bachelor of Science degree in Cultural Studies from the State University of New York Empire State College.  I am now pursuing my Masters degree.  You can read my life list of things I want to accomplish HERE.

548463_334935106568344_334650789930109_958186_1957066385_nThe above is me at present, and below is me at age 14.  My face really never changes.  I still look the same, just older.   When I was a little girl I used to get teased for having big prominent eyes.  By the time I reached my high school years that was what all the guys loved so I ended up having the last laugh.

Xenia's 9th grade class

I give you my deep heartfelt thanks for stopping by my blog.  I say YES to life everyday, and I sure hope that you do too.


  1. Dallacey E Green says:

    Hello, Xenia. My name is Dallacey E Green. I am a indie author on Amazon. I am looking for reviewers to place reviews of my book, Is It Worth It, on Amazon. Here is a description of my book, Jake is a Native American Indian and his wife Charlie is an African American. In the last recent months Jake and Charlie have gone through a tragic loss, which has greatly affected their marriage. They leave New York City and move to the South, in hopes to find some solitude. This move challenges their relationship to the point that Jake finds himself wondering if their love, their marriage, is truly worth it. The link to my book is http://www.amazon.com/Worth-Dallacey-E-Green/dp/1475103042. I would love to send you a free copy of my book Is It Worth It, for an honest review. Would you be interested in reviewing my book? Thank you so much for your time, Dallacey

    • Xenia says:

      Hi Grati,

      No, I did not know about it. I was thrilled to see that someone thought enough of my blog post to use it as a reference.

      Thank you Grati, you have made my day already!

      Love and hugs,


  2. Jude says:

    I love your images of the black Victorians and wonder how & why you came across them? I’m a Brighton based photographer and appreciate your efforts.

    • Xenia says:

      Hello Jude,

      I found these photos over time from doing Google searches and from Pinterest. I wanted people to see photos of people of African descent in a different way. Usually when you see photos of black people that are vintage we are usually in a field picking cotton. The women often has their gorgeous Afro textured hair hidden under a head scarf. That is one aspect of our history, but certainly not who were truly are. We are beautiful people who are just as intelligent, well coiffed and well dressed as any other group of people. Despite the many challenges, people of African descent during Victorian times were some awesomely beautiful people.

      I would love to see some examples your photographic work.

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  4. rhonda says:

    Xenia…I love your pages. I would like to send you my book. First, because after reading your “About Xenia” I like you; second, it’s all romantic’n’stuff (smile); even though it’s a thriller; third, one of the main characters lives in a brownstone. I’d rather send you a copy myself, but if you don’t want to give out your mailing address you can purchase it here:


    You probably have something by now, but I’ll put you in my prayers and best thoughts for the perfect position.

    Thanks for the great pics of your Brownstone.


    • Xenia says:

      Hello Rhonda,

      I just purchased your book, and I look forward to reading Orange Lilies. If you want I will review it on my blog after I read it. Good for you that you are writing and publishing your work!

      Thank you for your prayers. I had a long talk with my Beloved I AM Presence, and I trust that she is taking care of the perfect position and that it is on its way.

      • Rhonda Waller says:

        OMG! Xena! Thank you sooo much for your wonderful, generous and honest review of my book. I just read it. You probably do know how much it means for an author to have their work evaluated. I appreciate it very much. Thank you. I’ll go back to it and consider your input. I am absolutely, pricelessly encouraged.

    • Xenia says:

      Hello Kendall,

      Thank you for visiting my blog. I was so fortunate to come across the photos of our people online. I love them too! I think that it is important to see images of African-Americans that are positive. The time that we spent in slavery is not the whole story.

  5. Mindi says:

    Hello Xenia! I’m a member of ASTDG, which is how I found your blog. I’ve read so many of your comments on that page, as well. I just wanted to tell you that your blog is beautiful! I love the photography. There’s a certain peace that you have created here. Thank you for sharing your experiences.

    • Xenia says:

      Hi Mindi,

      Thank you so much for stopping by, and for the kind words about my blog. I love blogging and take it quite seriously, while having fun with it at the same time. This is about the 4th blog design that I have come up with. As a creative person I am always reassessing it…LOL

      Make yourself at home here and stop by whenever you can.


  6. Renee Gainer says:


    I somehow ran across your website. Not sure how I found it. perhaps it was Richard Armitage. It seems we have a number of things in common. Thanks so much for your wonderful website. you have given me a lot of ideas of things I need to read and watch. Persuasion is my very favorite novel.

    Have a great day!!!


  7. Art says:

    I have a movie poster of Zeffirelli’s Romeo and Juliet which was shown @ Starlite Drive-In in Orford, N.H. The poster is the one with the closeup where they are facing each other, shown first on your blog on the movie. I wonder if you know when this poster was available to drive-ins. Orford is a very small town in rural NH, so I don’t imagine they got it very early.


    Art Pease

  8. Xenia says:

    Thank you RA Frenzy!

    What I find with many “About” pages is that the blog owner really is not telling you anything about themselves. When I read “about” pages of blog owners who do share things about themselves it really adds a nice touch and warmth, so I wanted to do something like that here. I did not want to be completely faceless either.

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