What Happened to Armitagemania Online?


Richard Armitagae as John Thornton. Daniela Denby-Ashe as Margaret Hale

It’s been a little over four years since I first saw actor Richard Armitage in the BBC production of North and South.  I had never heard of RA prior to watching that wonderful production.  Richard blew my mind in the role of John Thornton.  Immediately. I fell into the pit of Armitage obsession, and I had to find out everything that I possibly could about this very talented British actor.

In the process I came across a plethora of websites by other Armitage obsessed women.  The character of John Thornton will always be my absolutely favorite.  Second in line is Harry Jasper Kennedy.  Last Sunday I binge watched episodes of The Vicar of Dibley on Netflix, and the highlight was “The Handsome Stranger”, the last episode of one of the funniest television shows I have ever seen.  I see Harry Kennedy as the modern-day version of John Thornton.  Thornton and Kennedy share a lot of character traits.  Both men love one woman deeply and are true gentlemen in every sense of the word.

VOD Harry Kennedy

Richard Armitage as Harry Kennedy in The Vicar of Dibley.

Armitagemania online was crazy.  I was really surprised at the amount of Richard Armitage blogs that were active and the amount of new RA blogs that were popping up.  I was not about to have a blog only about RA because I knew that down the road my RA obsession would wane, but I did dedicate one page of my blog to RA.  This morning for some reason I was curious about the many RA dedicated blogs out there.  Are they still around and going strong?  I decided to check out what is happening now.  The Richard Armitage dot net website is still going strong but not updating as often.  Personal RA blogs have dwindled down quite a bit, which I did expect because fan obsession does wane over time.  There is ride or die blogs such as Me + Richard Armitage but there are not very many ride or die RA blogs out there.  I was able to find one blog that still listed all of the many RA blogs that were out here back in 2013, and clicked on the links.  Many of them have not had an update since last year, and in some cases not since 2014.  On some of the links I was brought to a page that said the blog no  longer exists and this was also not surprising to me.   Does this mean that Armitagemania is over?  Not necessarily.  I think that many people, such as myself, still admire RA as an actor and as a person, but we simply decided to move on.  I don’t even have an RA page on my blog anymore because I didn’t see the point of it knowing that I would rarely be writing about him anymore.  I went so far as to delete quite a few of the posts that I wrote about RA just to clear up blog space.  And to my surprise, I deleted off of my computer a lot of RA photos.  I didn’t think that I would ever do that, but since I am into living as minimalist as possible now it made perfect sense to extend it to what I have on my pc hard drive.  About three months ago I deleted a boatload of RA photos.  I had folders filled with them that were categorized by the character and movie he played in, the particular photo shoot, events, etc and that made no sense.  I still have many photos of RA, but most have been deleted, and guess what?  I am fine.  The sun still comes up every morning and life goes on, just as it does for Richard Armitage.


  1. Ann Marie says:

    Hello Xenia, well with school it worth while . You are six month into it. Is it another 2 or 4 year college? You’ll fine time to get back into blogging. You already have many subjects to talk about. You just get back into the swing of things again! Wait and see. The subjects will flow through your fingers.

  2. Ann Marie says:

    RCA, is doing fine, always working. He has a place in NY. And he tweet the other day that he met Harrison Ford. So you could say he is still in the States.

  3. Servetus says:

    It’s complex, I think. Changes in fan interest makes up one of piece of it, and the end of The Hobbit films impacted the fandom at large in that way. The owner of RichardArmitage.com started working full time (she used to be an SAHM), but she is just as enthusiastic as ever. There was a fracas / “bullying” incident in the spring of 2013 that shocked a lot of people and slowed them down. But I think the biggest change is that Richard Armitage joined Twitter in August 2014 and for that reason, many new fans are choosing to interact there. A blog is a lot of work and requires daily attention; twitter is a lot easier and makes fewer demands.

    I’m really sorry that you deleted posts, though. This creates a link rot and SEO problem for anyone who linked to you, and it also erases fandom history. It’s your privilege of course, but it always makes me sad to hear.

    • Xenia says:

      Hi Servetus, I know all about link rot. I use a widget that informs me anytime a link has been broken, and that is usually several times per week. It is just a reality that all websites face. I didn’t just delete RA posts. I deleted lots of other posts. My blog is self-hosted. I had to either clear space or pay a higher fee for a dedicated server. One of these days I will get back to daily blogging like I keep saying that I will and then it will be worth it to get unlimited space.

      You are so right about blogs being a lot of work. It can be a full-time job, and I was hoping to be able to turn mine into a full-time job along with making You Tube videos, but school temporarily changed all of that.

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