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Hello to all of you who still read my blog, and to those who are stopping by for the first time.  It has been almost two months since my father passed away.    I force myself not to think about my father so that I can keep my life moving forward.  I do not want to drown in grief.  So far I am handling it well, but it requires keeping myself busy doing and thinking about other things.

Last Friday was the last day of the Spring semester of graduate school, but I have not handed in all of my assignments.  I simply could not do much focusing on school since my father left us.   I did finish the rewrite of one of my final papers from the Fall semester.  I received an A on the rewrite and an A as my final grade for the course.  I am thrilled about that, but having to spend time on the rewrite was the second reason that I fell behind in my assignments for the Spring semester.   I had to ask for an extension for both courses.  Of course the instructors were very understanding.  I have until July 15th to complete assignments for one class, and until July 8th to complete assignments for the other one.  One of the assignments is a literature review and that is the only one that I am really concerned about because I have never written one before.   I am sort of regretting that I didn’t sit this semester out, which is kind of silly because it was not as If I was expecting my father to take a turn for the worst and pass away.  All the same, I wish I had taken this semester off.  I am just not feeling it and haven’t been feeling it for a several weeks now.

Things are going well on my job.  I do still enjoy working there, although not as much as I did during my first few months.  Things have gotten better since we hire a new head to the department.  The previous person in the position was very nice and he made a lot of great improvements, but he had come from a long career in the military, so his style really stifled the casual and fun atmosphere that was in place before he was brought in for the job.   We now have that back with the new person who started a few months ago.

You may recall that I mentioned that my department was also getting a new system that would make human resources and payroll run more efficiently.  It would cut out a lot of work that many of us were doing manually.  I was concerned that I would not have a job after the conversion is complete.  The new system went alive the first week of January and while there are some things I don’t like about it, it is really an outstanding system.  Phase one of implementation is complete.  Now we are working on phase two and three simultaneously.  I am not sure if it will ever phase out my job, but I decided to not spend another second worrying about it.  I am simply going to be thankful for having a good job and working with a great team.  What ever will be will be.

I am very excited to report that I am studying the Kabbalah.  I have been desiring to learn the Kabbalah for a long time.  The Universe has aligned to bring it about.  I am enrolled with the Kabbalah University and just started taking instruction online this week.  The Kabbalah is even more than I ever expected and I am very happy to be learning about it.  Tomorrow I will be ordering an entire set of the Zohar from the Kabbalah Center and I already ordered some books by Michael Berg from Amazon since the prices are cheaper there.  I am also very interested in learning the Hebrew alphabet so that I can learn how to speak Hebrew.

2016 is turning out to be quite a year of big changes.

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  1. Ann Marie says:

    Well you must always give yourself time to morn your father’s passing . And ask God’s strenght to finish your courses. So you will have time to work and do your college. And still keep happy memories of your father close to your heart.
    Happy Spring…

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