Some Random Instagram Photos

Happy New Year everyone! This morning when I woke up I decided to take some photos around the house. I’ve had an Instagram account for some time, but I was not using it at all. I decided that it is time to make use of it. This year I will document some of my life in photos. These are just for practice.

Xenia's parlor room number 1.2

I Should have taken off this ten years old robe and put on my new fancy one first.  I am in my front parlor room.

Xenia's parlor room number 1

Xenia's parlor room number 1.1

Xenia's Kitchen 2

This is my kitchen.

Xenia's Kitchen 1

Xenia's Kitchen linen cabinet

I am trying to figure out where to hang that “Believe” sign that you see leaning up against the wall.

Xenia's Kitchen 3

Xenia's Kitchen

Wreath from Home Goods

I bought this giant wreath from Home Goods to hang up in the spring, but I may hang it up now.

My bedroom

My bedroom.  Don’t judge.  I had just gotten out of bed so that is why the bed is not made up.

My bedroom 2

My Filafax Planner 6

This is my Filofax Original in A5 size in my FAVORITE COLOR!!!

My Filafax Planner 4

Inside my Filofax.

My Filafax Planner 5

My Filafax Planner 3

My Filafax Planner 2

My Filafax Planner 1

My 2016 Happiness Planner.

The Happiness Planner 1

The Happiness Planner


For my Masters degree I am focusing on the Divine Feminine.  This semester, which begins on January 19th, I will be focuing on women in the bible, so I decided to buy this Life application study Bible in PINK.


I bought pink dividers for it too.  YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Here are the two devotionals that I use each day.

Coloring books for Adults

I have so many coloring books for adults.  This is a photo of some of them.  I have much more and I have to stop buying them.  I have enough to keep coloring for the next 50 years.

Budhha by John Connors

This is a piece of artwork that I purchased from a local antique store.  The artist happened to also be in the store.  It is by local artist, John Connors.


Well, there you have it.  I loved taking these pictures and uploading them to Instagram.  This is the start of something big!

Now if only I could get my You Tube act together.

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