That Old Southern Flag

I really don’t like to get political here on my blog because people tend to be very passionate about their personal political ideologies.  However, I feel deeply moved to write this post because of the protests I see going on about the removal of the Confederate flag and denouncing the governor who had the smarts to have it removed……FINALLY    This is an act that should have taken place in 1865.

I think that many people simply do not know the true history of the Confederate flag, or maybe they do and simply do not care and are proud of the old south’s slave history.  These types of incidents, including the recent massacre in South Carolina, always tends to reveal closet racists all over the place.

 The Confederate flag does not stand for true American values.  What it does stand for is hate, bigotry and violence against African people.  The old south thrived on and depended on slavery to survive.  The old south believed that African people are not human beings and created by God.  During the old south white men raped African women regularly,  The old south ripped apart thousands of African families.  The old south worked African people from sun up to sun down year round.  In the old south it was illegal to educate African people, we could not even learn to read.  In the old south Africans were not free as was intended by a Higher Power.  The old south believed that God put Africans on earth specifically to serve and be subservient to white people.  The people of the old south believed that Africans were naturally dumb.  The old south believed that only white people are beautiful and that Africans are not beautiful too.  The old south severely twisted the meaning and words of God to serve their mean and evil way of life.  Yet here we are in the year 2015 and the twenty-first century and people are protesting the removal of a symbols that represents one of the biggest stains and shame in the history of this nation.  It also represents treason to the Republic.
battle of the union.
The Confederate flag was never the official flag of the Confederacy.   It was actually the battle flag of Robert E. Lee who fought for the Confederacy in Northern Virginia.  After the South lost the war it became associated with veterans of the Confederacy.  Remember that the Confederacy fought to keep their old way of life which depended heavily on slavery and viewed Africans as chattel, for those who believe that the Civil War was not about slavery and about states rights.   The South wanted the right to continue SLAVERY and engage in the mistreatment of African people.
The only place this flag belongs are history books, but in no way should it be flying high or even at half mast anyplace on American soil .
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