Glimpse My New Kitchen Tiles

Xenia kitchen 2Here are a few pictures of my new kitchen floor tiles.  My kitchen floor was never laid correctly, so it was slanted.  I finally found someone to fix the problem which required ripping up the entire floor and laying a new one down.  This also presented me with the opportunity to put down better quality floor tile and something that I really like.  For four days I had no kitchen floor.  I couldn’t cook because my gas stove had to be removed from the kitchen along with everything else.  It was a huge job, but my contractor was up for the challenge and he did a great job.  My kitchen floor is now super sturdy and level.

Xenia kitchen 4I love old-fashioned kitchens, so I chose blue and white checkered floor tiles by Armstrong.  I bought them from a local Home Depot.   The tiles are commercial grade so they are very sturdy and I can even polish them.  I have a very large kitchen, so I was concerned that the checkers would be overwhelming, but they aren’t.  I am VERY HAPPY with the results.

xenia kitchen 3The floor work is all done, but I need to paint the yellow trim that you see in the photos before I take “after” shots.  You can see that I have a fireplace in my kitchen, but it is closed up until I can get the chimney repaired.  Or I may put in a gas insert because it is a less expensive alternative.

Xenia KitchenThis fireplace mantle was in my front parlor room, and I decided to move it into my kitchen.  The hearth floor was done in beautiful vintage mosaic tiles that I bought from the Habitat for Humanity ReStore.  You will see them in the “finished” pictures.  For my front parlor room, I replaced this mantle with a gorgeous one that I bought at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore for only $95.  I will post pictures of that too.

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