Richard Armitage’s Replacement

Daniel LissingI have not had the hots for Richard Armitage for well over a year now.  I am still a fan, but he no longer consumes my thoughts.  Since the Armitage disappeared from my romantic radar no one has taken his place…until Friday evening when I decided to watch a series on Netflix titled When Calls the Heart.  I was ironing curtains and wanted to watch something on television to make the time go by more pleasant.  I can access Netflix on my TV so all I had to do was choose something to watch.

OMG!  I was completely enamored of this actor on the show.  He is an Australian actor named Daniel Lissing, and he plays the part of Jack Thornton on When Calls the Heart.  This is the second time in a row that I have been smitten after watching an actor play a character with the last name Thornton.  Is this going to be a trend?

05c0ce0f8aff5c8c3060810b32c1dac5Daniel Lissing is incredibly handsome as Constable Jack Thornton.  Mr. Thornton is a man of very high character and you cannot help but love him.  Jack Thornton dreamed of becoming a Mountie all of his life so that he could catch the bad guys and make life safe.

Daniel Lissing 9Constable Thornton is a serious young man, but unlike John Thornton he can laugh and joke around once in a while.  I find the Constable to be quite well-rounded.  Of course there is a love interest, but I will talk about that more in my blog post about the show.

968full-daniel-lissingI had to find out more about this actor after I watched all twelve episodes back to back (I LOVE the show).   Daniel Lissing is 33 years of age and born and raised in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.  By the way, his American accent in When the Heart Calls is so good that I would have sworn he was American.  You can hear his Australian accent in the interview below.  It seems to me as if the interviewer is being a bit flirty.  The way she is sitting I think she is trying to be sexy for Daniel.  I don’t blame her one bit.

Daniel Lissing 7Mr. extremely handsome is not as tall as Richard Armitage, but at 5’11” I would still take him…HA!  Daniel has not been acting for very long, so in a way success came to him a little quicker than it did for Mr. Armitage.  Daniel looks a lot younger than RA did when he was Daniel’s age.  I really did not think Mr. Lissing was in his thirties yet.

I will be keeping an eye on Daniel Lissing’s career for as long as this crush lasts…HA!!!


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  1. CALLALUNA says:

    He is quite something, Xenia! And really very Armitage-like, but younger. I am looking forward to RA’s performance as Francis Dolarhyde in “Hannibal”, coming in a week to NBC! He’s still my fave!

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