I Had Horrible Allergic Reactions to Makeup


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Your girl Xenia has not been feeling well for quite some time.  I cannot believe that it took me as long as it did to realize that the conventional makeup I have been wearing for years was making me ill.  Things finally came to a head when for two days in a row, the muscles behind my eyes started to pulsate.  It is one of the scariest feelings in the world.  The second day that it happened was the Friday before President’s Day.  My eyes kept shedding water and feeling as if they were full of sand.  By around noon, the pulsating started again.  The college was closing at 2pm that day, and I could not wait to get home.  As soon as I arrived home I went to wash the makeup off of my face.  While I was washing I noticed that the pulsing started to subside and the feeling of sand in my eyes went away.  BINGO!  I finally realized that the cause was the makeup.  About five minutes after washing my face, all the symptoms disappeared and have not returned since.

For someone who has been vegan since 2012 and is so conscious of what I put into my body, I am a little peeved at myself for not extending that to makeup years ago.  The skin is our largest organ and what you put on it is almost immediately absorbed into your bloodstream.  It is one of the reasons that I started making my own body cream in 2010.  Yet, I was continuing to feed my skin toxic chemicals by way of makeup.  I could have spared myself a lot of anguish if I had been smarter.  Not only was the makeup affecting my eyes, but I am pretty sure it was affecting my scalp as well, because since I stopped, my scalp is starting to look better.

One of the things that conventional makeup is loaded with are preservatives.  Preservatives are the cause of so many diseases because it eats away at the outer membrane that protects your brain.  When holes start showing up in the membrane it causes dementia related diseases and neurological disorders.  This is just for starters.  There are countless diseases that artificial preservatives are responsible for.  I had actually been thinking about using cosmetics made of safe ingredients for several months.  I guess I just needed a good push, but I could have done without the kind of push that I got.

Terre MereLate last year I purchased mineral foundation from a company called Terre Mere, but I had not used it yet.  You can bet that when it was time to return to work after the President’s Day holiday that I pulled it out and used it.  Unfortunately the color was just a tad too light.  I bought it online from Zulily.  The color online did not look the same in person.  It was not a bad match, just not the best.  I still wore it to work and it never irritated my skin or eyes all day.  Terre Mere’s products are 100% organic and vegan.  The only issue is that the products are expensive. The regular price of the foundation is $64.00 on the Terre Mere website.  I bought it at a special price of $25.00 on Zulily, but that special was over, and I was not about to spend $64.00 to buy the next darkest shade, taking the risk that it may not be a good match for my skin color.

Alima Pure Sale May 6 2011 BDIH Natural Mineral MakeupIn frustration I turned to You Tube where you can find just about anything, and that is how I found out about Alima Pure Cosmetics.  I was THRILLED to find that Alima Pure has a wide range of foundation colors.  Any woman should be able to find a great match.  One of the issues that I have with companies that sell 100% natural and organic cosmetics is that they don’t really cater to darker skinned women.  I have always been puzzled by that.  Women of color wear makeup too.

One of the great things about Alima Pure is that you can purchase sample sizes for $1.75, so I ordered 3 different colors of their satin matte mineral foundation.  On a side note, there are lots of mineral foundations out there, but not all of them are pure, so you have to be careful.  The samples from Alima Pure came very quickly in the mail.  Out of the three samples I found my perfect shade, and have been wearing it ever since.  Like the Terre Mere foundation, it never irritates my skin or eyes.  You only need to use a small amount, which was a pleasant surprise.  I easily apply it using a flat-topped makeup brush.  It is very smooth and light.  Coverage is medium, but it is buildable, so if you prefer full coverage, adding more will give it to you.  You don’t feel like you have on foundation though.  I also love that I am not left with makeup on my clothes by the end of every day.

truly100pureAnother company  that I found out about from watching You Tube videos is called 100% Pure.  I ordered a few of their blushes, which came in the mail today.  I look forward to trying it out.

100_Pure_Main Pacifica is another company whose products I am using and enjoying.  Pacifica’s products are 100% vegan.  I threw out my jar of noxzema and now use Pacifica’s Seafom face wash.  It smells really good and I love the results.  It takes off all of my makeup.


Pacifica 2

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Pacifica is sold at Target.  I have not seen the full line of Pacifica’s products at any of the Targets in my area though.  I checked all four Targets near me.  I recently bought two of their lip butters on clearance for $4.98 each.  I also purchased their gel eye liner in the color midnight (a very deep blue), also on sale.

Pacifica 3 Another product that I purchased is their cleansing wipes.  I actually take my makeup off first using cleansing wipes and then I wash my face with the Seafoam face wash.

Pacifica-Purify-Coconut-Water-Cleansing-Wipes  Pacifica-Purify-Coconut-Water-Cleansing-Wipes32I feel so much better since ditching conventional makeup, and I am counting on even more improved health as time goes by.  I hope that I have inspired you to switch to cleaner and safer cosmetics.  It is so WORTH IT!  Besides chemical preservatives, conventional makeup is filled with so many other toxic ingredients.  There are other brands of organic and vegan makeup that I plan to try, so stay tuned for more natural makeup and skin care posts.

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