Four Glorious Weeks

relax1I cannot believe that the four weeks break between semesters is over.  I am convinced that time is speeding up.  The spring semesters begins on Tuesday, but since I already have my textbooks and know what is expected of me in these last remaining classes I am beginning my studies and assignments this weekend.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this break.  It was such a great relief after the tough semester I had last fall.  I did not do as much reading for pleasure as I thought I would, but that is okay.  Besides reading, I also spent the time shopping online and doing a lot of reflecting and planning for the future.  There has been ongoing work on my house of the serious nature.  In December, just as the bitter winter weather started to take hold, my furnace started giving me lots of trouble.  Finally after weeks of that mess the problem was solved.  At the same time I had to have an issue with the foundation of my house underneath my kitchen.  The floor was slanting on one side.  That has been temporarily remedied, but in April when warmer weather is here my entire kitchen floor needs to be ripped out and a new one put in.  The people whom I had lay the new kitchen floor when I first bought my house in 2004 did not lay it down and reinforce it correctly, so it has compromised the foundation.  Ripping out the kitchen floor is, obviously, a big job.  Everything has to be taken out of the room.  I really will not have kitchen access for about a week, or maybe more.  The good news is that after it is done the foundation will be solid, and I will have new floor tiles put in.  I am excited about picking out the new tiles.  I am thinking about getting a better stove too.  My contractor will also put in the hearth in front of the fireplace in there.  Oh this is all so thrilling to me!  I am also thinking about spring decor.

Another thing that I have been doing these past few weeks is looking at You Tube videos.  I am addicted to watching videos on You Tube.  This is one of the reason I adding becoming a You Tube vlogger on my New Years resolution list.  I am on You Tube so much that I may as well get busy making my own videos.  Since this is a three-day holiday weekend, I want to try my hand at making my first video.  I will see how that goes because school studies come first.

This semester I am taking The History of American Architecture, Diversity in the Workplace and Spiritual Memoir.  I also have until March 18th to make sure that all my “T’s” and crossed and “I’s” dotted for approval to graduate in June.  I am working very closely with my adviser to make sure that I have everything in place.

I am still loving my job.  There has been a change in my department.  The VP was let go in October.  He is a very nice man, but was not good at his job.  Quite frankly, he did not know how to do his job.  As a result other employees in the department were burdened with the work that he should have been doing.  I still miss his smile and easy-going personality, but I understand why he had to be let go.  The person who replaced him has already been very effective in our department.  He is a mover and a shaker.  His is very concerned about making our department more efficient.  He is a very nice person, just not as easy-going as the guy who was let go in October.  He is a man who spent thirty years in the military, so I am sure you get my drift.  He really is a great guy though.  I just prefer the personality of the other one because he was more warm and fuzzy.  This new guy had the whole department over to his home during the Christmas season.  I had such a lovely time, and it was nice getting to know him outside the office in a relaxed non-working environment.  All in all, I work with a great bunch of people!

I plan on continuing to blog while attending to my studies.   Somehow I am going to work it in.  I am organizing my Filofax and, hopefully, that will help me to plan tasks and activities better.

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