The Dick Van Dyke Show

Dick Van Dyke Show

Left to right: Dick Van Dyke, Morey Amsterdam, Richard Deacon, Rose Marie, and Mary Tyler Moore.

One of my all time favorite television shows growing up was The Dick VanDyke Show.  This show came on every Wednesday night and I always looked forward to it.

I loved Dick Van Dyke as Robert (Rob) Petrie, and Mary Tyler Moore as his wife Laura Meehan Petrie.  There was so much chemistry between these two actors.  The show also starred Rose Marie as Sally Rogers, Morey Amsterdam as Buddy Sorrell, Richard Deacon as Mel Cooley, and Carl Reiner as Alan Brady.


Carl Reiner

Carl Reiner is also the creator of the show.  Additionally, Carl is the father of Rob Reiner who played Michael “meathead” Stivic on All in the Family.

Dick Van Dyke Show 3In the 1960’s actors portraying married couples could not share the same bed, so Rob and Laura slept in twin beds on the show.  A few years later on The Brady Bunch, Mike and Carol Brady did share the same bed, however, they had to keep one leg on the floor.  Take note of the 1960 television in the photo above.  I love the wallpaper behind Laurie Petrie.   During these times you also could not say the word pregnant on TV.  A woman was “expecting”.

screen shot 22

Dick Van Dyke Show 4Above you can see a bedroom scene during filming of an episode.

dick-van-dyke-show-anniversary-ftrI thought Laura was such a beautiful wife and mother, and Rob was a handsome and very fun-loving husband.

screen shot

screen shot 2Mary Tyler Moor has said that she actually lied about her age because she heard that Dick Van Dyke thought she may be too young for the role.  Mr. Van Dyke was 36 and MTM was 25 when the show debuted.  Laura and Rob are a couple who have been married for a number of years and the parents of a grade school age son.

The Dick Van Dyke ShowMary Tyler Moore was a professional dancer, as well as an actress, so she got to display her talents on more than a few episodes.

Laura-Petrie-1Laura Petrie was so pretty in the morning as she prepared breakfast for Rob and their son Ritchie.

Dick Van Dyke (9)The only thing that I did not like about the show is that the character of Sally Rogers was made into a desperate  old maid.  Sally was always trying to get married, and there were never any really good prospects given to her character.  There was one episode where it was Sally’s birthday, and she was hoping to spend it with someone very special, but the storyline was actually quite sad.

dick-van-dyke-rose-marie-bowThat is an awfully big hair bow for an adult woman.

Dick Van Dyke Show 2The Dick Van Dyke Show was filmed before a live studio audience.  Only about four episodes were taped for various reasons during the entire run of the sitcom.


dick-van-dyke-showThis sitcom ran for five years, ending in 1966.  Carl Reiner said from the beginning that it would only run for 5 years and not go beyond that even if it was still popular.  It was very sad to see this show end.  It was much-loved by so many people around the country.  Dick Van Dyke is 88 years old as of this post.  Mary Tyler Moore is 77, Rose Marie is 91.  Morey Amsterdam passed away in 1996 at 87.  Richard Deacon passed in 1984 at 63.  Carl Reiner is still alive and well at age 92.  Larry Matthews who played Ritchie is now 59.  He left show business after the sitcom ended.  Larry is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles.




  1. Rhonda Waller says:

    XENIA! I can’t believe you didn’t mention Millie. I can still fall out laughing about the episode where Millie and Laura were really scared (about what, I can’t remember.) They had all the lights on in the house, the radio and tv blasting too. When they left being in the same room, they kept yelling to each other “Whatcha doin’ now Laura?!!” “Whatcha doin’ Millie?!!” Then suddenly the power went out in the entire house. It was hilarious.

    I loved that show too. It makes up a flavor, a site and a sound of my childhood. Thanks for making me remember that. Think I’ll search for some episodes tonight on YouTube.

    • Xenia says:

      Hi Rhonda,

      I was going to write about Millie, but I started to get tired and sleepy, so I cut the post short. I remember well the episode you speak of. I LOVED the Dick Van Dyke Show, and it will always hold a special place in my childhood memories.

      I watch reruns on Netflix.

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