Into The Storm

4_Into-the-storm-13-6-10The wrap up of my birthday weekend was absolutely fabulous!!!  I went to see the 11:40am showing of Into The Storm with a dear friend.

I LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you all know by now that a disaster movie would not really be my cup of tea.  However, this movie always looked very interesting to me, and since my husband is in it, that makes it over the top interesting.  My friend is not into these types of movies either, but she has known about my crush on Richard Armitage and decided to come along to check him out and see what it is that I find so compelling in this man.

Into The Storm stars, of course, Richard Armitage, Sarah Wayne Callies, Nathan Kress, Max Deacon, Matt Walsh, Alycia Debnam Carey and Arlen Escarpeta.  Honorable mention goes to Jeremy Sumpter and Kyle Davis who portrays two dumb as heck, ain’t got no darn sense hicks from the Midwest.  I found both of these characters irritating as heck, which means the actors did a great job.

IntotheStorm-10Sept2012 Richard’s character is named Gary Fuller.  I thought it was supposed to be Gary Morris, but whatever.  Obviously some changes were made just as the film’s title went from Category 6 to Black Sky and finally Into The Storm.

Warning:  Some spoilers ahead!

I loved watching Richard in this role.  He always does a great job portraying serious characters who really need to loosen up.  This is not the best acting job I ever saw him in, but he still did a fine job.  I would have liked to see more character development.  Not only for Gary, but also for the rest of the principal players.  The storm had more character development than the people.  I would have liked to know why Gary’s wife left him and their children.  Was it his failed marriage that made him so hard to talk to and unapproachable after all those years?  He just could not relax and just enjoy life and his children.  You do learn that Donnie’e years of coldness toward him is a factor, but you don’t really get any insight into Gary and what makes him tick.  Who is Gary Fuller besides a father and teacher?

Into_the_Storm_Movie_Wallpaper_19_lljknGary Fuller loves his sons, and that is obvious to me from the beginning, even though he is not exactly warm and fuzzy until the rescue scene.

BqeGIKlCMAAmA8G.jpg largeI really love Sarah Wayne Calllies in this movie portraying Allison.  I would have loved to see Gary and Allison tied together in some type of budding romance.  There is chemistry there between the two.   Allison is strong, well-educated and intelligent.  She is also kind, compassionate and maternal.  I think she is just the type of woman Gary needs after so many years trying to raise his sons alone.  Adding other dimensions to the storyline is what this movie needs.  As with Gary, I would have liked to know more about why Allison is a single mother and why chasing storms is so important to her.  I think that Gary and Allison need one another.  I have to also say that Sarah is the only actress besides Daniela Denby-Ashe that I feel has real chemistry with Richard.  I hope to see them work together again in the future.  I love Sarah’s spunk and energy.

into-the-storm-2014-img02 This movie is mostly about the visuals.  The special effects are beyond awesome!!!  It is amazing what you can do with technology today in Hollywood.

into-the-storm 3

into-the-storm With the use of special effects Into The Storm is a totally thrilling and exciting movie to watch.  I was LOVING IT!!!!!!

into-the-storm 7

into-the-storm 9




into-the-storm 4


into-the-storm-titusThis storm watching vehicle named Titus is one of the stars of the movie.  If you are a storm chaser you can ride right into the eye of a storm and film it.



The cast at the New York City premiere of Into The Storm

By the way, my friend did come to understand what I see in Richard Armitage.  She said that he is finely sculpted.  🙂

Oh yes, I nearly forgot to mention that I think RA did a good job speaking with an American accent.  I was concerned that he was not going to be able to pull it off, but my husband did it.

I don’t really rate my movie reviews, but I give Into The Storm 4 Stars

I am really hoping for the sake of everyone who worked so hard on this movie that it is a huge success.  I think that Steven Quayle, generally, did a great job and I wish him great success.

After the movie, my friend and I headed for lunch at PF Chang’s and our food was DELICIOUS!!!!! 


  1. Callaluna says:

    I am very upset to discover that you are married to MY husband. He will get an earful from me tonight when he takes out the garbage in his pajamas.

  2. Beth King says:

    I saw it Saturday evening with my sister. I’m a huge weather-nerd and a serious RA fan (which is what lead me to your blog long ago), and while I loved the movie I found myself so focused on listening to RA’s American accent that I missed half the dialogue! I supposed I’ll just have to see it again *insert sly grin here*.

    Overall I LOVED the movie, and while there were a few things I was not thrilled with they were so minor that they’re not even worth mentioning.

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