Richard Armitage In the Crucible

ra in londonI love this photo of Richard Armitage.  He looks so sexy!  As, I am sure, you know Richard has been in London appearing in the stage play The Crucible.  This play does not interest me in the least, but many of his other fans have seen it, including many who traveled overseas to Europe just to see RA in this play.

The Crucible poster The crucible just doesn’t seem like a play that I would enjoy.  It seems too intense and maybe even depressing to me.   This is a vehicle that is right up Richard’s creative alley though.  If you saw this play let me know your thoughts on it.

RA in the crucible rehearsal 8

RA in the crucible rehearsal 10

crucible publicityDoesn’t Richard look good here.  Look at that handsome profile and those muscular legs.

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  1. Ann Marie says:

    Richard always looks good. And I readed the reviews of this
    play. And they were all good. He really puts all in for each
    part he plays. So he puts all the emotion needed for each
    part. The witch trails where not about witches. But about
    good people thrown off their lands. So elders of the towns
    could steal their lands. Without any trouble of rebellion .

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