Irina Vitalievna Karkabi

Ivy Passion

Ivy Passion

One of my Facebook friends posted this image on her timeline.  I was immediately struck by its beauty and the loving embrace of the lovers.  I had to find out who the artist is.  Her name is Irina Vitalievna Karkabi.

“Irina was born in 1960, into a family of scientists in Ukraine. Her artistic talent was nourished from an early age, and soon after graduating in 1982 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Saint Petersburg-Russia, she moved to the bay city of Haifa in the north of Israel with her husband and newborn son.  There, at the Mediterranean crossroads of cultural ideas and influences, she founded her studio. Irina works exclusively in oil on canvas.” (

Irina Karkabi


I was not successful in finding out the names of all the paintings, so not all are labeled.  I love all the work of this artist.  She also paints landscapes, florals and portraits.

Irina Karkabi 7



Irina KARKABI by Catherine La Rose (42)



Irina Vitalievna Karkabi - 19

Irina Karkabi - ImpressioniArtistiche -19

Enchanted melody

Enchanted Melody

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