Beautiful Harlem Home Sells For $2,210,000

facadeI am struck by the awesomeness and beauty of this home in Washington Heights section of Harlem that recently sold for $2,210,000.

It is a multifamily house (2 units).  It is 3,972 square feet of space, but it looks larger than that to me.  Not that 3,72 square feet isn’t huge already, but it means that this house is slightly smaller than mine.  It think it is because my house is longer.  My house goes way back like a New Orleans shotgun house.

picture-uh=193f9942b9516169f93c2bc4c38e2f98-ps=d1e360662922b97d90d661e42d63c84This is one of the most elegant entryways that I have EVER seen.


picture-uh=b91b1f70c3a4bc68f2381d315fb772c9-ps=9b7180b2a5fa14d1d1d7133cf5d886There is that fretwork that I love so much.






picture-uh=113bbf64489d92557dad907122b02b5c-ps=136bc98f20baec2d7dfa71f9aa313e40This home library is SERIOUSLY AWESOME!!!  I would LOVE to have, at least, one of those bookcases.  I have a thing for Victorian and Art Deco floor lamps like the one that you see on the left.  I recently purchased two of them at a local flea market for $20 each, and a third one for $60 at a vintage furniture shop.

I don’t know about you, but I would love a real life tour of this elegant home.

Photo source HERE.

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