A Harlem New York Brownstone Townhome

NYC TownhouseI saw photos of this brownstone this morning.  It is amazing to me that there are people who still do not appreciate these beautiful structures.  My understanding is this building was purchased last year by an investor and is now being flipped.  There is no way that I would sell a home like this.  I would have to fix it and live in it myself.

NYC Townhouse1No one has lived in the building for many years, so nothing is up to code.  There is leakage, mold and major deterioration, but original details all over the place.  Look at those entryway pier mirrors.  One of the pier mirrors is reflecting the other one.  You can also see a pier mirror in the very top right hand photo between the two windows.

NYC Townhouse3This brownstone is also loaded with beautiful fireplace mantles.

1360_3339Even with all of the original details intact, this will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to restore because it is located in New York City.  It will probably cost about a million to restore.  In Troy, where I live ,it would cost a heck of a lot less than that.  Everything costs a gazillions times more in New York City.

1360_3341In the above photo you can see what looks like a gorgeous butler’s pantry.


1360_3343The home is three stories high and has an above ground basement.

1360_3287The asking purchase price is $2,350,000. and someone has already snatched it up.

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