Television In The Bedroom?

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I thought that I did a blog post on this subject back when my blog was on Blogger, but I could not find anything.  I think that I did write about this already, but for some reason it is not coming up in search.  I really need to find a way to keep track of posts.  If you have any suggestions I welcome them.

Anyway, I will proceed with this post even if it turns out to be a repeat.  One of my favorite blogs, 702 Park Project, posted about having a TV in the bedroom, or not.  Reading her article led me to another post about it on Becoming Minimalist.

I find that people who are not in favor of having a TV in the bedroom are quite passionate about it.  Count me in as one of them.  For years I have been against having a TV in my bedroom, and I don’t think it has anything to do with being married, as the articles in the above links use as reasons against it.  I don’t see any reason why single people should sit up in bed watching TV night after night.  Even if there is no one laying next to you, I think reading a book or meditating is much more beneficial than watching TV.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t think that there is a definite right or wrong answer to this dilemma.  But I do feel that not having a TV in one’s bedroom is the better choice.

I did have a TV in my bedroom many years ago, but that has not been the case in at least ten years now.  When I did, it was mostly to camouflage noises that I might hear at night.  I read a lot sitting up in bed, so while the TV was on often I was not even paying attention to it.  I have one TV in  my first parlor room, and another up on my second floor in one of  my living rooms up there.  I almost never watch TV.  If I do it is only HGTV.  I really shouldn’t even bother having cable at all, but Mom likes to watch TV, so I keep paying for it every month just so that when she comes to visit she can watch her favorite shows.  I haven’t told her that though because I don’t want her to feel bad about me paying for something every month that I don’t really want.  She would insist that I stop paying for cable.  I won’t because after everything that my Mom has done for me this is the least I can do for her.  Mom comes up to visit for a few days about once a month.

I think there are other electronic items that people are addicted to that are not any better than having a TV in the bedroom.  How many people rest their cell phone on the side table next to their bed and checks it like a hawk before going to sleep.  Do you sit up in bed with your iPad or laptop?  My cell phone is not even in my bedroom with me when I’m at home.  I don’t own an iPad, but I do have a laptop and a Kindle.  I am very guilty of sitting up in bed with my laptop at night.  I did break the habit for several months.  A year ago I purchased an all in one flat screen desktop computer.  I love it btw.  Anyway, I forced myself to keep my laptop out of my bedroom.  For months I only used my desktop pc which is in another room.  There is where I wrote blog posts, interacted with friends and neighbors on Facebook , entered my online schoolroom and wrote all of my class assignments.   For months I never reached for my laptop AT ALL.  When I finally did pick it up again about two months ago, I had so many updates waiting for Windows and other applications.  Unfortunately, I am now back in the habit of sitting up in bed with my laptop.  This is not good.

School officially starts next Tuesday, so I am going to use that as the marker to take my laptop out of the bedroom again.  I can always sit it on my dining room table to do school assignments, or just use my desktop PC.  I am a huge believer in not having any electronic items in one’s bedroom.  However, I do have a clock radio in mine.  I really do need to have one in my bedroom to check the time.  I keep the radio on very low because I do find it soothing.  It is on a station that plays soothing music and reports the weather.

I do sit up in bed reading books often.  Some are on my Kindle and many are real books.  One side of my night table is the pile of college textbooks for this semester, and the other half is a pile of books for my reading pleasure.

I also do my prayer calls and decrees laying in bed.  I meditate best laying in bed.  Much of my spiritual classes are in mp3 on my laptop so that is another reason I got used to sitting up in bed with it again.  I like to crochet sitting up in bed, but the TV will never see another day in my bedroom; not now or when I get married.


I can picture a beautiful painting above the fireplace in the photo above.


Now this is bit much for me.   No TV or video from the ceiling for me.  Besides my ceilings are much too high for this to work.


This looks lovely, but I am not interested in turning my bedroom into a home theater.  It is not something I want over a fireplace either.  I would rather stare at the view beyond the floor to ceiling windows.


Lovely room ruined by the TV.


Oh look at the gorgeous view beyond the windows.

Keeping electronic items out of the bedroom allows you to sleep better.  The vibrational frequencies that come from electronic items can mess with your sleep because you are giving off energy as well.  If you are married or living with someone, conversation is healthier for your relationship than watching TV.  What is last in your mind before going off to sleep plays a big part in how restful it is or even where your consciousness goes when you are sleeping.

So what are your thoughts on this subject?


  1. Trudy says:

    Go you! I also hate to see TVs in bedrooms. Especially children’s rooms!
    Think how beautiful it could be to have a wall of books in those bedrooms – Now that’s inviting and relaxing to me.
    There’s a definite need for people to carve out space in their life for quiet contemplation and simpler stimulation. Cutting out device usage – moderating yourself is a great idea.
    Studies show that in flipping on devices at every turn, we’re all losing the ability to focus. It’s something children are being challenged with, too.
    I love the thought of a bedroom as a refuge from all the outside stimulation that clutters our day. It should be a place of serenity.

  2. Veganopoulous says:

    I’m not a fan of it either. I find that if I have some kind of screen time immediately before bed, I still see the flickers of the screen with my eyes closed in the dark. I’m also not wired to fall asleep straight away so this is a problem for me! I’ve been trying out some ‘sleep hygiene’ stuff that people like psychologists or GPs give to patients to help them sleep better and one of the first things mentioned is no tv/computer/screen time in the bedroom as ‘studies have shown’ it disrupts sleep, or leads to poor quality sleep.

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