My School Grades Are In.


My school grades came in today. 

I was so stressed out the last four weeks of school because my math course was so challenging for me.  I don’t like math and have never been good at it.  You cannot get through college without taking math.  I took History of Mathematics thinking that I would not be doing any math at all, and just history of math.


I had to do some algebra, calculus, geometry, statistics, write math in Egyptian and a few other ancient forms.  For math I also had to do a book report and write several other papers.  The workload in my math class was excessive.  I could not keep up with the other students and felt deeply bogged down.  I tried so hard and kept praying that I would at least end up getting a C.

Not that my other courses were not challenging enough.  I had to do so much reading and write what seemed like endless papers.  I had to also make sure that I sufficiently participated in the class discussions each week. 

Anyway, without further ado, here are my grades.

Educational Planning Workshop = A

Renaissance and Reformation = A

Learning Styles = A

History of Mathematics = B+

I was very emotional when I saw my grades. 

This was my first semester back in school after so many, many years.  I had forgotten how hard college is.  I am enjoying my experience in college this second time around, but it can be very challenging.  It is a good thing that I did not have to worry about going out to work.  I had the time to really study and apply myself.

The spring semester begins on January 21st.  I am enrolled in four courses for a total of sixteen credits.

1). Power and Privilege

2). Exploring Place: Humanities

3). Communication Analysis

4). Forgiveness

  One of those courses (Forgiveness) is a residency, which I am very excited about.  My faculty adviser thought it was very appropriate to add to my degree curriculum since I do plan on becoming a spiritual leader.  The residency part of the Forgiveness course entails going away in April and spending three days in a hotel attending a special workshop.  A special grant was sent aside for 13 students which covers our hotel stay and pays for all of our meals during the three days.

Now that I don’t have to take another mathematics course for the remainder of my college career, I am going to focus on getting A+ in all of my spring courses.  Maybe I should not aim so I, but I am going to try.  I really would love to top the A’s that I received.

After I pass my spring courses, I still have 8 more credits that I need to earn, so that is two more classes.  I am not sure if I will take them during the summer or give myself a break and do it in the 2014 Fall term.  I also still have several Prior Learning Assessments to write.  So I will not have my degree in June as I original planned.  I need to be more patience and give myself the time to do everything that I need to do.  It is no big deal to get my degree in December instead of June.  So what if I don’t start graduate school until 2015.  Rome was not built in a day either, as the saying goes.  If I am not completely burned out after earning my masters, I will continue on to earn my Ph.D. (just for the heck of it).  Although I can’t say that I am thrilled about having to write a dissertation to get it.

A Happy New Year it is, indeed, so far!


  1. Jasmine says:

    Congratulations! Its great to hear that you’re doing well and that you have an idea of what you’d like to do when you’re finished with school. I think you’d make a great spiritual leader!

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