Little Letters – Fourth Edition

Vintage-LettersAnn-Marie:  I received the lovely pink birthday flowers this afternoon.  They arrived in plenty of time before my birthday on Friday.  What a sweet and thoughtful thing for you to do.  I got so excited when they came!  One of the best things about becoming a blogger is all the people I have come to know through Collar City Brownstone.  I treasure each and every one of you.   I am planning a meetup for some time in the Fall in New York City.  The meetup is for the east coast fans of A Discovery of Witches.  I will keep you posted and hopefully I will get the chance to finally meet you in person.  Love and hugs!

Financial Aid:  I am amazed at how easy it was to apply online and how fast everything came through.  This is nothing like my experience during my first time in college right after high school.  I am very thankful.

My Brownstone:  You already know how I feel about you, but it is always nice to say it daily anyway.  I am honored to be your present steward.

The Great Central Sun:  Every day I dedicate my life to the Great God Presence, I AM, within and above me and to standing in the Light, being fueled by the Light and being the Light and Love.  Amen!

      Food:  Lord knows that I love to eat.  Thank you for nourishing me and tasting mighty delicious.

Mom:  You are a treasure.  I love you and I thank you!

  Books:  You help to quench my soul, as well as take me on some of the best adventures of my life through imagination.  That is the power of the written word.

My knock-out Roses:  You really knock me out with your beauty.

Summer days:  I love every single day of summer, even when it is raining.  You have provided so many awesome days this year.

RRA:  Thanks for hosting my spiritual journey.

Unicorns, Faeries,Peter Pan, and all Elemental Beings:  I am enchanted by you.

Love:  Is eternal


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