I Am Back From Montreal

montreal-skyline1I arrived home this morning at 2:25am from Montreal, Canada.  I departed for Montreal very early in the morning on Friday, August 9th because I was attending a spiritual retreat there lasting three days.

I was surprised at how fast my friend and I arrived in Canada.  We started out at exactly 8:00am.  We stopped once at a rest stop to use the bathroom and get something to eat.  I was surprised when at 10:40am we were approaching customs/border patrol.  I did not realize that I live so close to the nation of Canada.

I have been to Montreal before, but at the time I was living in Brooklyn, New York.

Living so close to Canada now, I really should make it a point to visit more often.  I would love to visit Banff, but it is towards the western side of Canada in Alberta.

Besides Montreal, I have also been to Ottawa, Quebec and Toronto in the past.

So far, every place that I have been to in Canada I loved.  The only negative about Canada is that everything is so expensive to begin with, and then when you add the GST you are really paying through the nose for things.

Other than the high prices, Canada is a beautiful and romantic country.  Most of the people I encountered in Montreal are bi-lingual.



The retreat took place at the Gesu theater in Downtown Montreal.

church of the Gesu

Church of Gesu (Jesus)


On the main level of the Gesu is a beautiful church sanctuary.

Under the church is the beautiful theater.  No matter where you sit in the theater you have a great view of the stage.

Paul Armitage

Paul Armitage

For years I have been a fan of the music of Paul Armitage and he provided the music for the retreat.   His music is so divinely inspiring.

I got the opportunity to meet Mr. Armitage and chat with him throughout the course of the retreat.  He is such a gracious and down to earth person.

People from all over the world attended the retreat.  There were people there who traveled from Australia, Ireland, New Jersey, Quebec, Toronto, New York, Pennsylvania, California and many other states and countries.

The retreat turned out to be one of the greatest experiences of my life.

Love Invocation

I had a wonderful time, but it also feels good to be home.


  1. P. says:

    That is a beautiful place, it really reminds me of cathedrals in France and Italy. I would like to visit Canada one day, I’m drawn more to Canada than to the US so if I’d make a trip over the Pond someday I’d be sure to include Canada!

  2. http://veganopoulous.wordpress says:

    I’ve always wanted to visit Montreal and I’m glad you had such a good time on the rereat! The Gesu theatre looks beautiful. Montreal is a city I’ve always wanted to visit.

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