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and I think to myselfEver since I returned from spiritual retreat in Montreal, Canada I have been feeling as if I am existing in another dimension even though I am obviously here on planet earth.

I have always been aware of the spiritual energy that is life.

However, since returning from Montreal I have been existing in a space that is so peaceful, warm and giving me signs that everything is going to be alright.

What I came here to do on this planet I will accomplish.

I AM well on my way!

Since the retreat, the joy that I feel doing the things I love to do is now heightened.

Even though there are things in the world right now that are not perfect, I still always felt that this is a beautiful world.  I feel that way still, but it is more amplified now.

I don’t care what anyone says to the contrary, this IS a Beautiful world!

Since returning from retreat I have also been a bit challenged about finding things to write about on this blog, so I have not been posting daily like I prefer to do.

I really enjoy blogging.

However, I don’t want to come up with anything just to get a blog post out.

I am so looking forward to the start of school which is September 9th.

I will be carrying a full twelve credits.

The History of Mathematics

Renaissance and Reformation

Learning Styles

Educational Planning Workshop

On top of that I also enrolled in two free (but no credit) online college courses via Cousera.

Human Evolution: Past and Present


The Ancient Greeks

As excited as I am about school, at the same time I wish I could pick up and go on spiritual retreat for an entire year.

When you are in the frame of mind that I am in, it can be challenging to get back into the everyday swing of things.

One of my dear friends lives in Paris, France and earlier this year she had the opportunity to spend four months in India.


823602_10151447957338706_123731246_oI love the garments that my friend accumulated while in India.


922564_10151599644188706_1620886296_oLast month she called me after she returned to Paris.

It was wonderful hearing from her and sharing with me how the experience in India was and how she feels now.

She told me that she was returning to India in about a few days

It had been several weeks since returning to Paris, but she was having a challenge assimilating back into life there after experiencing such profound peace, joy and enlightenment during her spiritual sojourn in India.

I know EXACTLY how she feels.

As much as I am loving my life as it is, there is a part of me that really wants to embark on a year-long spiritual journey.  It is something I have dreamed about for years actually.

I still want to attend University, and since I am doing it all online I can live anyplace.  As long as I have internet access I’m good.

I would love to close up my house for a year and go on spiritual sojourn to Mount Shasta,  Banff in Canada, Ancient England, France, Israel and end up in India before heading back to my house.  All the while still earning my degree next June.  Actually, for a spiritual sojourn like that I may need two years.  🙂

I MUST take a month or so to take some courses at Oxford, and hopefully encounter a French Vampire named Matthew Clairmont.  🙂

Esthera DivineHere is my dear friend at the airport in France waiting to board the plane that will take her back to India.  She did arrive safely and is back in her element.  I am not sure how long she will be there this time, but it has already been about three weeks.

She is a singer and has a European tour coming up….

7032_146527754077_137980_nI know that she has to leave India again shortly to do the tour which will take her to several countries.  Here are two of her publicity photos.

Estha DevineBesides singing (in French), my friend also plays the bass guitar.

It's never too lateAnyway, I am thinking about a lot of things these days.

When I wake up in the morning I like to say this prayer before starting my day:

This day and everyday I dedicate my life of the Great God Presence, I AM, that abides within and above me.  To coming to know that Presence, serving that Presence and that this outer life may become the perfect instrument that the Great God Presence, I AM, may come forth and reveal Itself to the world.  In my dedication to the Light, I will serve the one Law being Love.  I dedicate my life to expression of Love, being fueled by Love and the great unity of Light and Love.

This is not the entire prayer, but only a portion of it.  I have to start my day saying it or else I feel off kilter.

Be BrightI am going to take this advice and be as bright as I can be…

…and live my destiny.

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  1. Joann says:

    Sounds like you are really enjoying life! How wonderful!

    Your year of travel sounds nice…and I love the pics of your friend in India!

    Woman in Real Life

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