The Baron’s Lady

The Baron's LadyThe Baron’s Lady is the third installment in the Gisborne family saga.  I received this book for review.  I always give my honest thoughts whether or not I paid for a book.

I love the writing of this author.  Charlotte Hawkins writes romance stories the way I love to read them.  The hero and heroine all have a deep love that goes beyond sexual attraction.  There is always a soul to soul connection that touches my heart.

I have been reading romance novels since I was nineteen years old.  There is a formula in many that mainstream publishers insists upon.  Hero and Heroine basically love one another, but for about two hundred and fifty pages the couple are entwined in some huge misunderstanding.  In the last twenty or so pages they finally admit their undying love and the story ends.  This is a formula that has always annoyed the heck out of me, and I am glad that Miss Hawkins does not follow it.

In The Baron’s Lady, Owen, the son of Guy and Cassia Gisborne falls deeply in love with Lady Isabella.  Owen’s love for her is steadfast and unbending.  No matter what society dictates he was not going to be prevented from being with the woman he loves, and no one is going to tell him who he should or should not love.  In that respect, Owen reminds me so much of Matthew Clairmont in A Discovery of Witches.   Owen is very much his father’s son too.  I love Guy of Gisborne more in this trilogy than I ever did in the Robin Hood series starring Richard Armitage.

I enjoy reading about the entire Gisborne family in this trilogy.  They are a strong, loving and very close-knit family.   Guy and Cassia created a wonderful legacy, thanks to Miss Hawkins.


4 Stars 

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