Shirley Jones – A Memoir

Shirley Hones bookThis book was just released yesterday.  Since I had credits on my Audible dot-com account I used one to get the unabridged audio version at no charge.  It is read by Shirley Jones.  I am not going to tell you anything at all about this autobiography.  You have to read or listen to this for yourself.   Shirley Jones is extremely candid.  If you are prudish and had Miss Jones up high on a pedestal for years as some innocent and shy ingenue, you may be shocked and very disappointed.  I was shocked, but I am not going to judge Shirley Jones at all.  I still like her tremendously and always will.

Shirley Jones, as of this writing is seventy-nine years old.  She said that it is because she is so much older now that she felt comfortable enough to tell her true story.  I was not shocked regarding the loose moral codes that exists in the field of entertainment.  That has been known for years and Hollywood has not changed.   For me, it is learning about Shirley in particular that had my eyes widening in surprise.  If you are going on a very long drive, this is a great audiobook to take along with you for the ride.  It is just under seven hours.

april-love-shirley-jones-1957-everettShirley Jones, the young ingenue.


MAGGIEFLYNN_cast_phAShirley with first husband, the late Jack Cassidy.  He was the love of her life.


shirley jones3Shirley Jones co-starring with Burt Lancaster in Elmer Gantry.  When it came to kissing on-screen she said that Burt was number ONE.  It was a struggle for her to get this part because no one thought she could be convincing playing the role of a vengeful prostitute.  Only Burt Lancaster had faith in her and pushed for her to get the role.   Shirley won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.


kinopoisk.ruShirley Jones was and still is a beautiful woman with a wonderful smile.

Partridge-Family-Jeremy-Gelbwaks-then-jpgI do remember The Partridge Family.  I loved watching it when I was a little girl and when it went into re-runs.

the partridge family

2-the-partridge-family-shirley-jones-everettShirley played the part of Shirley Partridge who was the hippest mom on television.   She turned down the role of Carol Ann Brady of The Brady Bunch.

shirley jones

Image: Shirley Jones And Marty Ingels Celebrate Their 35th Wedding AnniversaryShirley with Marty Ingels, her husband of thirty-five years and counting.



I have to give this book 5 Stars for the sheer honesty that Miss Jones puts forth.  I think that it is also well written and not boring at all.


  1. Gratiana Lovelace says:

    Hmmm. A candid Shirley Jones biopic? Well, I give her props for honesty. I’ll have to check it out. She was in so many memorable musical films that I adored–The Music Man, Carousel, Oklahoma, etc. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Ann Marie Kelly says:

    Oh I loved Shirley Jones movies and TV shows. She is a great actress. I loved
    her smile in and out of movies. She was great in The Music Man and Oklahoma
    She a beautiful voice as well. I think I will go out and get this book out of Library.
    And read it. Thanks Xenia for putting this book on your blog.

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