You Would If You Loved Me

You would if you loved meI purchased this book at a garage sale a few weeks ago.  The cost was 25 cents.  I thought it would be fun to read a book based on the sexual mores of the 1960’s and 1970’s.  This book is so old that there were no cell phone around at the time.  The main female character goes into a telephone booth to call her father.   Today there are teenagers and even people in their twenties who have no idea what a telephone booth is/was.

old NYC phone booth

Old New York City telephone booths.  I remember Penn Station having an entire row of these phone booths.

Anyway, You Would If You Loved Me is a book for young adults and focuses on a 16-year-old girl named Trudy Monroe who begins a relationship with a schoolmate named Tom.  Tom is very handsome and a star athlete.  The other girls in school would love to be courted by Tom, but he chooses Trudy who is thrilled.  Trudy is what was called back then a “nice” girl.  Nice girls kept their legs closed and didn’t sleep with the guys.  Nice girls cherished their virginity and wanted to “save” themselves for their wedding night or at least until you felt ready to make that leap.  The problem for Trudy is that Tom wants to have sex and keeps pressuring Trudy to do the deed.

This book brought back quite a few memories for me because when I was in high school I was a Trudy Monroe.  I was very curious about sex, but I knew that I was not emotionally ready to take that step and I hated the pressure I had to deal with from guys.  The pressures made dating such a chore and I came to really dislike it.  All I wanted was to be able to go out with a guy and have a great time without him trying to bed me down by the end of the evening.  No pressures, just relax, enjoy the evening and then take me home.  Why did getting naked have to always come into the equation?  It became really tiresome and old after a while.

Tom may have been handsome, bright and a star athlete, but when it came to romance he was a jerk.  He accused Trudy of being a tease and leading him on, however nothing could have been further from the truth.  I tell you reading this book was like reliving my teenage years.  I remember well in junior high school a male classmate said hello to me.  I said hello back with a smile, and so he swore that I wanted him just because I said hello with a smile.  I say hello with a smile to EVERYBODY.  This dude Tom kept convincing himself that Trudy was giving him signs that she wanted to be intimate with him.

The way this book is written is very outdated and can come off as corny at times, but I think the subject matter is still relevant today.  I personally never saw this as only a young adult issue.  Grown up women do go through this as well, but maybe not as often.  Today, especially women are not so worried about their “reputation”.  Women are much more liberated now and often are the initiator of sex.  How times have changed, but I think there are still women out here who would welcome taking things a bit slower and not rushing to that point so quickly.  I know I would, but if you have been reading my blog for some time you probably guessed that already.  I don’t get what the big rush is all the time.  I am perfectly fine with taking time to get to know one another and developing a strong friendship first.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t have romance going on at the same time.

You Would If You Loved Me is not a big book.  There are only 175 pages to it, so it is a fast and easy read.  I thought it ended sort of abruptly so I did not care so much for the ending.  I liked Trudy’s friend Mal and I kept thinking that he was perfect for Trudy.

I would love to take a stab at writing this book telling what happened to Trudy and Tom  forty plus years later.  The book would be called You Wouldn’t If You Loved me  Trudy would now be Trudy Monroe, PH.D and married to Mal with three children.  Tom would be a divorce’.  He married his college sweetheart who got pregnant.  The marriage didn’t last because all they ever really had in common was sex.   Of course Tom spent years paying out child support.   Looking back Tom realizes just how special Trudy was/is and he regrets being such a jerk all those many years ago.  Warner Brothers purchases the movie rights to my sequel and I have creative control.

The Cast:

Trudy Monroe – Drew Barrymore

Tom – Hugh Jackman

Mal – Richard Armitage


I give this book 2 Stars

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    • Xenia says:

      That is a good question. I am so out of touch with present day teenagers. From my observations though teenagers today seem less intimidated about engaging in sex. Some of my friends who had sons tell that the girls chase down the boys without any decorum or embarrassment. Some teenage girls have even target certain boys in school to deliberately become pregnant by. In my day teenage girls kept our youthful innocence much longer. It was hard enough being a teenager when I was coming of age, but I am so glad that I am not coming of age now.

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