Vintage Photographs

Alvan S_ Harper  (1847-1911)     Tallahassee c 1884 State Library and Archives of Florida  8I love vintage pictures, don’t you?  I look at the people in these photos and I wonder if they had a good life.  Were they happy?  What was life like for them in their time period.   I love the elegant backdrops of the studio photographs.



Clara Bow

flappers smoking in a train car

Two flappers smoking on a train.

two little girlsI wonder what these children grew up to be.

two girls holding basket of roses

sister and brother

serious children

Mrs Cassils children Montreal

littel girl on chair

little boy

girl with dog

child praying

children at Chrostmas

vintage baby

young boy with bicycle

Little boy on cobblestone street in France.

Little boy on cobblestone street in France.



hairstylesI love these hairstyles.  Well, most of them.


hannah blu

young woman holding roses


young woman sitting

Love the socks

Love the socks


young women

I wonder if they are wearing silk stockings.

I know she didn't send this through text.

I know she didn’t send this through text.

I do see an artistic quality to this nude photograph; sort of on the lines of Michelangelo’s David.  It reminds me of the ones that Josephine Baker took.  I hope this doesn’t make me sound hypocritical after the post I wrote yesterday about sexting.   I see sexting as a whole different animal.  I wonder what the purpose would have been for these types of photos back then.  What were they used for?

pin upsI see this photograph as artistic as well.  Do you think it is lewd or artistic?




young woman artits


woman jumping over puddle

richard armitageOops…I have no idea how this picture of Richard Armitage got into this post.   I am truly baffled.  Where did this come from?



vintage postcard

Vintage Wedding

vintage city photo


Minne Hauk



Edwardian era

Greta Garbo

Greta Garbo


abraham lincolnAbraham Lincoln has  some very distinctive features.  I know that he was extremely tall.  I visited the Ford theater where Lincoln was assassinated.  In the basement is a museum containing his artifacts.  His suits are very long giving hints that he was an usually tall man.   Lincoln was actually 6’4″ tall.

Abe Lincoln

Lincoln looks tired and beat down in this photo.


chel suit

Tour de France

Tour de France


man woman in park


Mulberry Street in New York City

Mulberry Street in New York City


Marion's Bicycle service

Bicycle shop

Detroit bike shop

crochet sweater







To my knowledge all of these photos are now part of public domain.

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