Love Upon The Wind

Love Upon the WindLove Upon the Wind by Sally Stewart is one of the books I purchased at a garage sale for a quarter.  This book is a Harlequin Romance and was published in 1987.  As I was reading the book I would have sworn it was from the 1970’s.   Love Upon the Wind can be read in one afternoon.  At 187 pages it is very easy to get through.

This book would not earn any awards, but I enjoyed it very much.  It is a very sweet story of love and romance on a deep level.  As with Elizabeth Gaskell’s North and South, Love Upon the Wind does not contain any sex, yet it does a good job of conveying how deeply the hero and heroine feel about one another.  I enjoy love stories more when the two main characters have more of a soul to soul connection than those where the couple profess love for one another after getting naked and it is about sex.

Love Upon the Wind takes place in England.  Jenny Bartlett works as a secretary at the law offices of Redfern, Redfern & Fox.  Extremely handsome and sexy Nicholas Redfern was married once to a greedy and selfish biatch.  Nicholas  came out of the marriage with emotional scars and no longer interested in getting into another committed relationship ever again.  He lets women into his life only for his amusement….until he meets Jenny.  Jenny is not like any woman he has ever meet before.  She doesn’t throw herself at him and go out of her way to get his attention as many other women do.  Nicholas is used to women making it known that they want him in provocative ways.  The fact that Jenny doesn’t give him the time of day or respond to his advances intrigues him.

Jenny is a very efficient secretary who is also emotionally scarred from a serious relationship she had in the past with a man in Cambridge named Luke Armitage (love Luke’s last name for obvious reasons).    Jenny gave Luke her heart and soul and they were engaged to be married.  Luke decided that he wanted to marry someone else and Jenny fled to London from Cambridge to deal with the hurt and start a new life.

Nicholas decides to run for a seat in the British Parliament.  To help Nicholas win the election he needs a wife to give the public a show of a happily married man and stable family life.   Nicholas’ first marriage ended badly and was reported about in the papers.  Since then his flamboyant bachelor behavior became well-known throughout London.  Nicholas decides to ask Jenny if she would become his wife as a business arrangement to help him out in winning the seat in Parliament.  The arrangement would also be beneficial to her since she had already explained to Nicholas that no longer trusted men after the heartbreak she went through.  Being Mrs. Nicholas Redfern she would get to look for a nice house that she loved for them to live in.  Jenny would be in charge at home and she would get to do what she loved most which was gardening, making a nice home and cooking.  What Nicholas left out was that he is truly in love with her and hopes that Jenny would fall in love with him too during their marriage.  Nicholas does not want a marriage in name only.  He is deeply in love with Jenny and wants her to welcome him intimately into her life.  What Jenny does not tell Nicholas is that she is in love with him.  Both enter the marriage completely misunderstanding their true feelings for one another.  To make things even more interesting the daughter of a political partner wants Nicholas for herself and tries to sabotage the Redfern marriage.

This type of plot is actually very popular in Harlequin Romances.  I read many of them where the hero and heroine marry for convenience, but deep down they are really in love with one another.  The entire book is about the unraveling of their true feelings after several misunderstandings.  Even though it is an old romance book formula I never get tired of reading it.

Love Upon the Wind is a really sweet story and, of course, in my mind Richard Armitage is Nicholas.  The book is not well-edited.  There are mistakes throughout that should have been corrected before final printing.

I give this sweet little book 3 Stars.

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