No Strings Attached

No Strings AttachedI streamed this movie yesterday because I never saw Ashton Kutcher in anything before and wanted to see what Demi Moore found so enchanting.  No Strings Attached was released on January 21, 2011.  The movie stars Natalie Portman as Dr. Emma Kurtzman as well as Ashton Kutcher as Adam Franklin.

no_strings_attached10Aston is indeed a hunk.  I didn’t realize that he is so tall so I looked it up and he is the same height as Richard Armitage and Hugh Jackman.  It seems like extremely handsome men are 6’2″ tall.  This may call for a scientific study. 🙂

No Strings attached 2 To me, No Strings Attached is a totally forgettable movie.  The basis of Adam and Emma’s relationship is totally shallow.   The falling in love part was not believable to me because the premise of their relationship was built on quick sand.  Emma and Adam were f*ck buddies.  They did not date but instead just met up for sex.  This movie is a great example of why modern romance movies usually do not appeal to me.  I prefer classics such as Wuthering Heights, North & South, Persuasion, Brief Encounter(1945), The Wingless Bird, and La Belle et la Bete.  No Strings Attached is labeled a romantic comedy, but romance is the last thing this movie conjures up for me.

no_strings_attached46You do get a few short glimpses of why Adam was more grounded and sought a love connection, but the Emma character was not fleshed out at all.  Emma took what is usually seen as a male attitude in that she did not want to get romantically involved and fall in love.  Instead Emma went overboard to remain completely detached and only interested in sex.  Throughout the entire movie Emma’s attitude made no sense.  Near the end you get just a few minutes of Emma with her mother to try to piece together what her problem is, but it is totally lame to put that near the very end.  I think it should have been fleshed out more within the storyline.  Ashton Kutcher and Natalie Portman do a good job in their roles, but they can do better in choosing projects.  Kevin Kline a small part in this movie playing Adam’s father.

no_strings_attached (2) I have to give this movie a big fat “F”.  To me it is worth watching only to ogle Ashton Kutcher, but I would not sit down to watch No Strings Attached a second time.

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