Beth’s House Tour

061010BethHouseTour-8_rect640Beth’s house is one of the most beautiful teeny tiny homes that I have ever seen.  I am so impressed and I can barely tear myself away from looking at the pictures.  Beth’s house is 365 square feet of space and is surrounded by a lovely garden.

There is actually a lot of stuff in Beth’s house, but it does not look cluttered.  The colors used not only compliment the cottage, but it helps to “expand” the space and make it look warm and inviting.   I admit that I am not a big fan of small living spaces and that is why I live in a house that is 4,100 square feet, however, I would live in Beth’s house.  The cottage gets floods of light from all sides and the outdoor views are like a scene in a beautiful dream.







061010BethHouseTour-50_rect640The retro wall phone in pastel blue is something I would love to have in my house.  I still have a land-line phone and refuse to give it up.





I love the color white as a base  or anchoring  paired with the use of bold colors in some of the accent pieces.

061010BethHouseTour-23_rect640I want the white cabinet with the glass doors.


061010BethHouseTour-42_rect640This TV cabinet was re-purposed and put to use as a bar.





I love the color of this accent wall in Beth’s bedroom.





061010BethHouseTour-33_rect640Notice the stripe painted wall in the bathroom.







For more photos of Beth’s house tour and to read the article click on Apartment Therapy.


  1. Trudy Brasure says:

    I’m always impressed with people who make their surroundings beautiful and actually live in their artful creation daily. I don’t have a knack for decorating, but I wish I did! These pictures are lovely.

  2. Joann MacDonald says:

    It’s so beautiful! I’m like you, I need a bit more space, but I would love a cottage like this!


  3. Servetus says:

    Neat. Having lived repeated in spaces smaller than this I can definitely say it’s doable. You have to be really committed to not accumulating things.

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